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I wonder what Umbrae would pick for me... I haven't bought a deck in uhm... a year or so I think... maybe more... for some reason decks just... move in unannounced. I realised the other day that I won or earned half the decks in my meager collection...

If I update what I have, will you pick something for me Umbrae?

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Seems like I missed the best part of the party...hey who's been SMOKING in here? I wish I'd a seen himm in the nylons get up.

A real deck, eh? What makes a deck real? The size?
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Originally Posted by firemaiden
A real deck, eh? What makes a deck real? The size?
Well, size does matter of course - more than is usually admitted - but not as much as performance .
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Without pants huh?
He'd fit right in on the deck he picked for me.
Umbrae as the Devil? Works for me...
The scary part is that I had it on my wishlist at Amazon already.
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Originally Posted by Umbrae
I'm sorry - I've made an error - what I meant to say was a Haindl Tarot...the one with runes on it. Though I detest it, you may love it. it's your next step...
Noooooo, I have the Haindl *pouts* ....... are you sure you didn't mean Haindl instead of Hadar ???????

OMG I just looked, the Hadar is a Marseille *gulp* ....... I'm so not attracted to the artwork .......... ...... hmmm, mind there was one deck that Helvetica brought to London I quite like one pip card ....... but those majors ........ rushes off and strokes her beloved decks feverishly

Originally Posted by Magpie9
]I'll see you in Albuquerque, Umbrae, in a couple of days, over a deck or few! ..............and the rest of you will just have to be jealous! But I will let you know what she's wearing.
Guess that'll be the pink tutu if the trousers have gone missing again
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Card Reader/Fortune Teller
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Umbrae's a kinky little devil, isn't she? Such a trollop, running around without pants!
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*Yawns as she wakes up from a rather erotic dream* Good Morning,.....did I miss anything? She sees an envelope with her name Baroli52/53 scrawled on it with lipstick. Opening the envelope, baroli looks and then sits down and scratches her head, 'Baroli52 (or 53) - get cherself and old fashioned Ettillia'.

"Coffee, I need coffee."

Baroli stumbles back into the room after looking at the deck suggested by Monsieur Umbrae.

"How,.......interesting." She pauses being careful to choose her words carefully, as she still is not quite awake and is still remembering her erotic dream. On second thought, she decides to head back to bed. (to finish her dream, Mhwahahahah
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Hmmm very interesting people.....very interesting indeed. Wonder how many people will listen to Umbrae's wise words & purchase the deck he's picked?

Can I play too?

Wonder what deck Master Umbrae will choose for this cheeky minx? I reckon Umbrae will pick a deck I've never heard of before
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What an interesting thread! I should have posted last night and i can't believe how many people have posted in 12 hours!
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Cat on a cold stone roof
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OK, what's mine then, Umbs (as if I couldn't guess.....)
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