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I am very happy with the Eteilla that you recommended, although as I mentioned, it makes me study it, something I don't like to do on principle, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to do what you do so very well, Umbrae. It is most appreciated.
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Anam Cara 

Originally Posted by Umbrae
For fun? Really? Nobody told me. Each 'suggestion' is the result of a reading. If someone had told me it was fun, it would have taken a ton of pressure off me (LOL).
And yes - rent Firefly first, Serenity second.
Remember folks, this ain't fun, this ain't cute...
Umbrae, I trully hope my "for fun" comment didn't offend you...
I'm very sorry.
I've taken your advice and put Firefly next on our list...
I'm not usually a fan of the genre, but my mind is open...
I'll take inspiration where ever I can find it!

Thanks again for your reply...
and my apologies once more for the "for fun" comment...
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Thank You for continuing to reply in this thread for as long as you did, Umbrae. I'm sure many of us who were given an answer have taken your words seriously and have given what you have recommended a go.

I, myself, am relieved to know I'm where I need to be. I've been back to the Tarot Garden website daily to check on the interview with Robert Place. I know I have a lot to learn still, and if someone recommends something for me, I'm going to listen!
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Hi Umbrae,
Thank you for your answer , but which one is it for me. I'm a little confused?


Originally Posted by Umbrae
Skip the knitting. I really don’t know about your mother. Or your best friend.
I recommend you don’t take up knitting. Get a Balbi.
Fishnets? For me? You shouldn’t have.

No. You really should not have. They don’t do a thing for my legs.

You know, once in a rare while, a copy of the Dussere Etteilla comes up on eBay. Grab one. It really is the first occult deck, and has a ton of history attached to it. Modern Etteilla’s just don’t do it, it should not be bilingual. Get one in pure French. Agreed. And as soon as I have a fine set of knees, I’ll display them.

Tarocchi di Giulietta e Romeo. La Magica Sibilla by Scapini. You should be terrified. We’ve been waiting for you. 78 pieces of art. That’s not asking a lot from you. Just 78 bits of art, each on an open ended subject. And not “Sixth grade Art”. You know what we’re looking for.

It’s inside you, bashing itself against the iron bars of its cage screaming to be let out!

So let it out before it becomes more injured!

What do you mean you don’t know where to start? Try this. If River Tam WERE to use a deck, or if decks were available in her time, what would it look like?
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Moderating note

This has been an amazing thread--not the least of which has been Umbrae's tremendous graciousness in responding through the staggering length.

All good things must come to an end sometime. & in respect for Umbrae & the resources this has required of him, this thread will now be closed. & with many thanks to all participants; & to Grizabella, for conceiving it.

Co-Moderator, Talking Tarot
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To clarify moderating note

Thread closed in accordance with Umbrae's request & for no other reason.

Your understanding appreciated.

Co-Moderator, Talking Tarot
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