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If a person is intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant etc

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View Poll Results: Sun, moon or rising sign
Sun - Pisces 22 18.18%
Moon - Pisces 35 28.93%
Rising - Pisces 12 9.92%
Sun - Cancer 14 11.57%
Moon - Cancer 22 18.18%
Rising - Cancer 13 10.74%
Sun - Scorpio 14 11.57%
Moon - Scorpio 21 17.36%
Rising - Scorpio 25 20.66%
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siren85's Avatar
siren85  siren85 is offline
Join Date: 07 Feb 2007
Location: USA
Posts: 322

I'm a Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising with Pluto conjunct Ascendant. I am very intuitive, and a bit psychic. I can sense energies, spirits, and I often have spirits communicate with me in dreams. also had a few prophetic dreams (nothing major, just stuff like something my sister would do later that day, or something my dad would say). I don't 'see' entities or energies, but I can 'sense' them. I definately think strong water in your chart signifies psychic ability, whether it is latent or developed.
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Muser257's Avatar
Muser257  Muser257 is offline
Join Date: 24 May 2006
Location: Scotland (Dumfrisshire)
Posts: 119

I don't know if it makes you psychic or not but I have quite a lot in Cancer Venus, Mercury and Moon all in Cancer. Sun and Mars both in Leo, with Libra Rising. I think that is quite unusal to have that many so close together is it not? Im just a novice. lol
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KaiMoonshadow's Avatar
KaiMoonshadow  KaiMoonshadow is offline
Join Date: 03 Apr 2006
Location: Midlands, UK
Posts: 320

I don't have any water signs (that I know of) in my chart - I am Aquarius with Virgo Rising and Moon in Leo
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willowfox's Avatar
willowfox  willowfox is offline
Join Date: 02 Mar 2007
Location: Standing on the edge of time
Posts: 32,754

In my book of rulerships, intuition, and clairvoyants are ruled by Uranus and Neptune, and are associated with the 9th house in the chart, and have connections to Pisces and Virgo.
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.traveller.  .traveller. is offline
Join Date: 03 Jun 2006
Posts: 8,101

I must be the oddball here since my sun and rising are both in fire signs, and my moon is in Virgo. The only water sign I have in my chart is Pisces in Mercury. I am clairvoyant, sense/hear spirits, am fairly telepathic, and I can read objects and tell you about the owner and things like that.
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wind's Avatar
wind  wind is offline
Join Date: 18 Nov 2004
Location: beyond
Posts: 15,315

I am water all over: sun, moon, mercury and venus in pisces and mars in cancer.

Luckily my capricorn ascendant keeps me a bit on the ground and it makes me look tough and very self-confident - ha, ha, how far away from reality

But I feel I do have strong intuition and sensitivity - sometimes it is too much, too overwhelming.
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balenciaga  balenciaga is offline
Join Date: 21 Apr 2007
Location: Portland, Maine
Posts: 2,744

I read through all ten pages of this thread, and I noticed most people had a lot of water in their charts - so water has to account for the draw to the cards or to astrology or divination, etc.,etc.
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balenciaga  balenciaga is offline
Join Date: 21 Apr 2007
Location: Portland, Maine
Posts: 2,744

having mercury in pisces makes sense as far as your psychic ability, when you think that all of your mental faculties are geared toward the deep and spiritual.
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May  May is offline
Join Date: 19 Apr 2007
Location: London
Posts: 574

I don't understand astrology a lot and I have a sun and rising in fire but my moon is in cancer.
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heathwitch  heathwitch is offline
Join Date: 01 Mar 2004
Location: Derbyshire, UK
Posts: 60

Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Taurus rising...

So I'm fiery, have a temper, a tad emotional, of the psychic/spiritual persuasion, like my food, am stubborn and can be a tad clumsy. :p

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