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One Deck Wonder

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I did the One Deck Wonder experiment that was started in late 2005. The exercise started when Umbrae (yeah him ) suggested that Elf should use the International Icon Tarot exclusively for a period of time.
When people heard about it they thought it sounded like a good idea so they joined in.

It wasn't a 'gimmick' and it certainly wasn't limiting, to the contrary in fact, I for one found it one of the most liberating experiences in my tarot journey.
I would say that sticking to one deck exclusively for a 6 month period was the best thing I have ever done (tarot-wise)
It changed my readings, it completely stopped me checking my meanings in books.
In short, it taught me how to read.
Now I use one deck exclusively without setting any barriers on myself, it just seems to be a natural thing to do.
For that reason, I won't be joining this little venture as it's something I do anyway now.
My current deck is the Victorian Romantic and I occasionally turn to my Sheridan Douglas and my Heron Conver.

Here are some of the old threads.
The first one:
And the rest:

Good luck whoever decides to do this, you won't regret it.
Enjoy !
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believer in magic
Join Date: 03 Feb 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 23,197

I've added The One Deck Wonder threads to the Sticky Index thread at the top of Talking Tarot:
I've also asked the Using Tarot Card moderators to move this thread to Talking Tarot as that's where the other threads are
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Little Baron 

Thanks for the possitive posts and thoughts.

I will be packing away the other decks later tonight and will try to find some self-control, locked deep within.

I have been daily drawing with the Victorian Romantic [and blogging], which I suppose is a good way of keeping the continuity up.

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Six months is too long for me, especially since I change with the seasons, but I do appreciate the idea of sticking with one deck for a length of time to really connect with it and see how far you can go with it without the distractions of so many other decks that keep coming on the market. I need to be fair about this. I love tarot decks, but I am getting pickier in what I choose for my collection, now. I also loved working with the Morgan Greer for a full month, basically the only deck I used. I am beginning to feel like I want a change of pace. But how long I will stick with a single deck in comparison to what I get out of it during that time will vary according to each deck, my mood, my lifestyle, health, etc. I will say I feel very enriched from having worked with only one deck this past month and I like that feeling and will continue to try to do this more often, though certainly not always. There are just too many decks of my own favourites that I love to not use them. They desire attention, too!
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I've been thinking about the whole one deck wonder thing again myself. I seem to naturally stick with reading one deck for a month. I may turn to a deck that I've used in the past to do a reading, but not a completely new deck.

The human brain is a real wonder. We often use distractions (tarot decks, tv, the 'net, our children, gardening) to keep us from looking at things that are painful. We don't even know we do it. But our brain is designed to avoid pain. It takes a real awareness to see these things as distractions and get to the bottom of what we are trying to avoid.

I look at a one deck wonder study as a practice to become aware of what I'm using as a distraction.

I have a new Il Meneghello Soprafino deck that is calling me for an intensive study. It maybe time to focus on just one deck. Something for me to think about. I feel a connection to this deck that I haven't felt to any other deck. Even my Drogi that I love hasn't had this pull on me.

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room  room is offline
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Originally Posted by Debra
I don't recognize Little Buddha in the comment (by room); the accusation seems misdirected.
No, it wasn't directed at LB--a fact he is aware of, knowing well my thoughts about cliques on this board.

[Removed by Moderator.]

And LB also knows my feelings about that.

[p.s. to clarify--I have known LB for over six, almost seven years. He is a "Wizard" pal from a long, long time ago. He is VERY familiar wiuth my thoughts and ideas about several things in life.]
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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
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Little Baron 

You have shared feelings previously with me Room, and I appreciate that nobody should feel ridiculed or harrassed. However, there is nothing in this thread that either ridicules or harrasses.

I also do not know who Collin is or anything regarding hate-filled comments in Talking Tarot.

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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
Join Date: 18 Aug 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 9,963
Little Baron 

Originally Posted by room
He is VERY familiar wiuth my thoughts and ideas about several things in life.]
Yes, of which I have learnt to keep to myself

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The One Deck Wonder concept originated from a private telephone conversation between Elf and me.

She had just started reading professionally, and during a reading – had trouble on cards/meanings.

This occurred during a very serious reading. A very serious paid reading.

I perceived that this was due to too many images from too many decks vying for prominence in her mind. Too many images attempting to push to the fore of her mind...

In order to enable focus, in a paid reading environment, I suggested reducing ambient images by using one deck for a given period of four to six months.

Her experience was profound. So Elf wanted to share her experience and posted the ‘One Deck Wonder’ thread(s).

This was an exercise suggested to one member – who then took it public (without proselytizing). Others took up the challenge – and also reported profound results.

It never was a credo. Nor is the aspect of ‘offing’ all of ones decks recommended or suggested. Nor is the aspect of spending your life reading with one and only one deck any part of the ‘One Deck Wonder’ concept.

Thanks for listening.

Edited to add: Oh and Ell-Bee...good luck on this.
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Wow...this thread got into some very intersting territory quite early.

I do hope that there are some newer readers that get involved with this idea of studying one deck exclusively for a period of time. Whether or not the idea appeals is ultimately a personal decision and one that might not even bear much weight at the end in regards to how you read.

I would tend to think of it as an 'experiment' in the way i would relate to not just tarot, but in realtionships to other things in general. Now, I would not in any way assume that a person who cant commit to one deck, would have commitment issues in other areas of thier life. However, for me (and without elaborating) I found that there is a certain amount of truth in that.

And without any more rambling and musing...I would like to join the one deck wonder 'experiment' ....Just need to decide which deck i should join with.....maybe i should go buy a new one
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