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Scorpio: Water in the Desert?

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Scorpio is the most southern of the constellations (in the northern hemisphere). The path of the sun intercepts the plane of the earth's ecliptic in Scorpio at her their lowest point (late November/early December, currently). In ancient days this all occured due south, above water, closer to the winter solstice; hence Scorpio's association with secrecy, mystery, & sexuality.

When at his lowest point; when the sun insects the plane; Scorpio appears briefly above the southern horizon, just above the southern sea (then, presumably the Mediterranean). He spends most of his "life" below the horizon, underwater, doing gods know what. Sounds like a water sign to me

Hope this helps.
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Scorpio is also the only sun sign that has three animals associated with it - representing the stages of spiritual maturity.

The scorpion is the immature self - yes, the stinger can be used for good or ill, but don't we all mostly associate it with the poisonous barbs Scorpios can fling when they fell they've been dissed? (Being a Scorp, I am very familiar with this one - sometimes that stinger lands on the self. )

The eagle represents the maturing self - able to soar above the world and have a bird's eye view of the big picture - but still a predator.

The phoenix is the matured self - going down in flames over and over again and yet rising each time to glory.

At this point, I'm trying to get to and hover in the eagle stage. . .
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I haven't read all of this, and I am not huge on astrology - but I am a Scorpio, have all the worst characteristics (sex mania, jealousy, spite etc ) and also an absolute PASSION for water. I can't stand to be away from it for long. I need lakes, rivers, sea. And I LOVE to swim. The only other sport I enjoy is ice skating - also a watery thing.

Really - it pains me when bodies of water are any distance away from me. I always assumed this too was part of my scorpness ?
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Originally Posted by kilts_knave
He spends most of his "life" below the horizon, underwater, doing gods know what. Sounds like a water sign to me
Hope this helps.
He hangs out down here with us southerners.
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isthmus nekoi 
from the wikipedia article on scorpions

Scorpions have been found in many fossil records, including coal deposits from the Carboniferous Period and in marine Silurian deposits. They are thought to have existed in some form since about 425450 million years ago. They are believed to have an oceanic origin, with gills and a claw-like appendage that enabled them to hold onto rocky shores or seaweed.

The eurypterids, marine creatures which lived during the Paleozoic era, share several physical traits with scorpions and are closely related to it. Various species of Eurypterida could grow to be anywhere from 10 cm (4 in) to 3 m (9.75 ft) in length. However, they exhibit anatomical differences marking them off as a group distinct from their Carboniferous and recent descendants. Despite this, some refer to them as "sea scorpions."[8] Their legs are thought to have been short, thick, tapering and to have ended in a single strong claw; it appears that they were well-adapted for maintaining a secure hold upon rocks or seaweed against the wash of waves, like the legs of shore-crab.
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