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Pictures of our reading space/table

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Bat Chicken 

Originally Posted by HearthCricket
Another gorgeous spreadcloth! Very nice, Bat Chicken! You have quite a lot of interesting goodies there! I just hope you are doing only 1 card readings with your Maat, because it doesn't look like much room to spread out! The cloth is amazing, as is the bag, the box and other goodies! Very atmospheric!
LOL! Yes - my spread cloth is folded under the cards - and I do have to shift a few things for more than three cards...
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OMG I LOVE THESE!! Im coming over everyone's house for a reading just to sit on these tables!
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I agree. The places where you read and the things you lay out around the cards make me want to visit everyone's house and jot notes. I just light a little candle on my table and read cross legged on my bed.
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I am staggered by the serenity of these tables and settings, and the beautiful ornaments and cloths. Candles even!

I have two places where I read. Looking at these snaps I realize that this may be why I don't do much reading anymore.

In the dining room, I maneuver for room with my husband's instruments, my sewing and embroidery supplies, and books. We never eat at this table but now and then I shove something over to the side so I can lay out cards.

In the basement is my drafting board, also know as The Exploding Table. I do clean it weekly and put things away, but since I have 20-odd projects going at once, material seems to drift back. The overseer is my Wayang Golek puppet Gatotkaca.

I am not a serene person, I am a splitting atom, I switch to hyperdrive when stars shine, I soar to infinite longing and exist in a Cloud Cuckoo Land of expansive creative moments, and I never live where candles are gently lit and tables have cloths.

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That looks like a craft central and I just want to go over and play! Nice warm feeling about it!

Here is my ode to the Blue Moon, this evening, in which I did some oracle/pendulum work and piled up the things that needed cleansing!
Attached Images
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<sigh> I love looking at everyone's beeeuoootiful tables and deck layouts! HearthCricket, I recognize your spread cloths as Tarot Totes, and I love the way you seem to pick them so carefully to color-coordinate with your decks! And may I say, your picture of the new Mystic Faerie layout sent me right over to Amazon to order this beauty. (And I thought I didn't want that deck!) And I just may have to order that wonderful bag from Baba Store, because the colors match perfectly!

Anyway, for me, I have plenty of spread cloths, candles, and gems (I gotta get me one of those hourglasses, though!), but my life feels so busy lately with the kids, that I usually do readings for myself whenever and whereever I find a moment. Goodness, I've been known to pull a card at a stop light if the deck is calling to me! Usually, though, I do my FTN readings at my dining room table, which is only used at holidays, and that's in front of my laptop, where I record the readings I do. I do use a spreadcloth and candles during my annual spreads I do on New Year's Eve, and that's always a nice treat.

Maybe someday when my boys don't want to spend time with me anymore , I'll start to spend a little time on myself. But right now, with their ages at 8 yrs and 5 yrs, I'd much rather enjoy the time I have with them when they're awake.
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Originally Posted by Isarma
.....the deal allways happens in my bed, it's very rare to sit in a chair and see the cards in a table....
Same here, in a way. I currently live in a RV, so space is limited. Dinner or drying dishes are usually on the table, so the bed it is. But even when I lived in a house, my favorite place to lay out my cards was on my blue rayon velvet quilt.
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Ok all of you must come to my house and decorate it! I am positively green with envy right now!
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*takes pictures all over the place including lap* haha
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6 Haunted Days 

Ahhh the days of actually have 4 ft. to myself, to lay out my things, a place to read and relax. Gone for now I'm afraid!

I have no space. With my lil monster he would destroy in 2 seconds. Too small of an apartment as well. No extra room. *sigh* Some day soon again, I hope!
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