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Le Tarot Tournant (Bill's Tarot)

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sporadic magic
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Medic! Medic! Emergency here! Hearts are pounding, eyes are popping!

Too much beauty!

Now aren't we all glad we nagged so much?

Yes. Nice job, Bill.
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Join Date: 08 Jan 2003
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Wow, Bill, the Deniers look awesome.

Thanks so much for sharing - and keep up the good work!!

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Location: Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium
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Great pips a kind of old tradition meets new artistical craftsmanship.
These are light airy and yet also deep and inspiring, you created a great thing of beauty. ( I'm in love )

I wonder what where you sources of inspiration are - besides your own love radiating into your creation.
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Those are simply lovely----so fresh, so clean, just perfection. I want!!
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le pendu 

Bill, they are FANTASTIC!!!

I love them. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I can't wait.
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You're all too kind...

Hello philebus.
Thanks, that's quite a compliment! (And just think, only 30 more to go! And then 16 courts...)
This should make a nice gaming deck, no?
As I said earlier, at this point I don't have any plan to even submit it for publication. I suppose I'll just do an edition myself.

Hullo thorhammer.
I was told a long time ago that the road to commercial success is paved with illustrated pips. So maybe just this once we'll walk in the dirt together?
Anyway, thanks, you're too kind.

Can somebody please throw some water on Debra...?

Hullo Spoony.
Thanks for the comment. This deck has your name on it, no?
(Can I please have your thousandth post? )

Hullo again la-luna.
Yes, I'm a man-of-the-past, I think. My inspiration is an old, old thing, from the days when mythology still put food on the table.

Hullo Magpie and Robert!
I'm happy to hear your reactions.
I've tried to make it nice, but still good for something.

Anyway, I appreciate everyone's comments. Thanks!
(So, I'll keep going...)
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philebus  philebus is offline
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Location: West Sussex, England
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I imagine that both schools of tarot use would long to have this pack - but yes, it would be a marvelous gaming pack and could knock the Argio Orell from its pedestal as my favourite!

I do hope that as the pack progresses, you consider finding a publisher. If any pack deserves publication, it is this one. You have taken a set of very simple, traditional cards, and breathed a new life into them, creating something beautiful without losing anything of the tradition from which they came.

Whatever you decide, I shall look forward to seeing how you realise the rest of the pack - and with everyone else, take a great pleasure in it!
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gurgle.. burble.. splutter......phew..gasp gasp...gurgle splutter splutter..
Just emerged from self thrown water so as not to embarrass you OnePotato!
Really like the 9 Coins. Keep that paint brush wet now won't you! Do you see a frame? Quite like that there is not- like the Universe. I think you must be a gentle graceful person. ~Rosanne
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Join Date: 26 Sep 2007
Location: New York, United States
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Hi OnePotato!

Beautiful work....I really love the delicate, subtle colors and control you exhibit with the paints!
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These are terrific! You should definitely find a publisher, so lots of people can enjoy them.
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