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Decks You Wish You Hadn't Bought?

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gypsiejones71's Avatar
gypsiejones71  gypsiejones71 is offline
Join Date: 11 Sep 2009
Location: Jersey, Channel Islands, UK
Posts: 136

Tarot of the Elves. I have found no use for it and can't remember what it was that made me order it..
I could never read it for others and I would not like it read for me.
I've been clinging to it in case I find some use for it at some point (at the risk of sounding like a hoarder!)
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ValerieReikiLMT  ValerieReikiLMT is offline
Join Date: 19 Mar 2013
Location: Oh
Posts: 29

Tarot of a Moon Garden, I had really high hopes for this deck, it was cute and reminded me of some really great 70's artwork. Unfortunately, I can't read the "Staff" suit, all the cards look very similar. I also tried interviewing the deck, and we don't seem to get along very well.
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JenWt43's Avatar
JenWt43  JenWt43 is offline
Join Date: 23 Feb 2013
Location: New York, USA
Posts: 488

I wish I had not purchased any deck with witch, wicca, or pagan in the title. My expectations as a pagan must be unrealistic, because I have been disappointed in all of the ones that I have bought or seen. (Same with several faery/fairy decks - the exceptions being the Froud's Faeries Oracle and Magic Realist Fairytale.)
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Emberlyn  Emberlyn is offline
Join Date: 24 May 2013
Location: Alabama, US
Posts: 175

I just bought my first deck- the Dark Fairytale Tarot Deck and I have to say I am completely disappointed! I like the artwork and all- it is dark like me but, because I am learning- I don't think that was the best choice. I will keep the deck and use it later on, but I am going to order a new deck a.s.a.p. I was thinking the Gilded Tarot.
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carteblanch  carteblanch is offline
Join Date: 31 May 2013
Location: Indiana, USA
Posts: 4

Definitely The Hermetic Tarot, it's ugly, the illustrations are graceless, and I think the title was deceptive.
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VGimlet's Avatar
VGimlet  VGimlet is offline
"and you can't make me..."
Join Date: 04 Feb 2002
Location: suburb of Seattle, WA, USA
Posts: 5,866

Healing tarot is the latest. You know, I bought it without even thinking about it because I really like the artists' other work. When it arrived I was pretty disappointed. I have become more picky about the decks I buy, and I guess it was a good reminder to take a deeper look before I spend my money.
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mmmagique  mmmagique is offline
Join Date: 28 May 2009
Location: Kentucky, U.S.
Posts: 624

I bought Nefertari's Tarot years and years ago because it was so pretty and mysterious (to me) I was new to tarot anyway, and that deck did not help. It makes me mad just thinking about that deck. *lol*
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martyn_uk  martyn_uk is offline
Join Date: 01 Jun 2005
Location: The Heart of England
Posts: 499
Unhappy .

Law of Attraction Tarot. Really doesn't seem to make ANY sense!
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Starshower  Starshower is offline
Join Date: 27 Jul 2008
Location: home
Posts: 2,566

The uber-pagan Wildwood and the charming, quirky Dreaming Way.
Both great for their audiences, but not for me. I need to put them up for trade.
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lilangel09's Avatar
lilangel09  lilangel09 is offline
Join Date: 13 Dec 2006
Location: UP
Posts: 2,157

I wish I hadn't bought the Universal Fantasy.

It's quite fantastic in all regards. I like the creativity and everything. However, I'd never use it as a reading deck.

I also wish I hadn't bought the Magic Manga.

It's cute and charming but way too whimsical for me to connect with on at least 25% of the cards.

Also, the Vampire Tarot by Place.

Great intellectual research on the vampire mythology, but I find the card stock and size awful. The courts are also strange. I love the images and concept, but it's quite difficult to get around.

I've had some beneficial experiences with some of these decks, but in the end, I don't want so many decks. Especially, those I don't read much with.
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