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Results of a study of Semitic ROOTS

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Originally Posted by venicebard

_____________Then we come round
To Tifinag and Libyan,
Where R is simply an empty circle,
Indicating the year has come
Full circle, having lost the dot
That was its center and formed the sun
(Birch-month B begins the year,
At least in Libyan, with said dot
To make alchemy's symbol sol):
Here gather the roots that mean
The weakness and fatigue of spirit
Found at the end, since elder's month
Caps the year.
[RUSh] be poor, in want; part. R[A]Sh poor, needy / Hithpal. feign oneself poor / RYSh, RASh poverty
RZH attenuate, cause to waste away / 1. lean 2. barren (of land) / RZUN 1. a wasting, consumption 2. diminution, scantiness / RZY destruction, woe (only Is. 24.16) RZY LY woe unto me!
[RKK] 1. be tender, contrite; hence be timid, faint 2. be soft (of words) / RK 1. tender, young [I have oft noted that LeDiable in one sense symbolizes the crying child demanding the attention of its parents (who are thus chained to it), this being the inverse of R-as-death (as the year's thirteenth and final month)] 2. tender, delicate, effeminate 3. soft, gentle (of words) 4. tender, weak, sore (of eyes) 5. faint, timid (of the heart)
RPH 1. hang down (hands), become relaxed, feeble 2. decline (of the day) 3. sink down (of straw in fire) 4. relax, abate, desist / 1. slacken (hand), desist (from smiting) . . . 3. leave off, cease 4. give up, forsake 5. let go, dismiss / pr. name (a giant)
RPQ / Hithpa. support oneself, lean
I. RQQ Arab. be thin / RQ 1. thin, lean 2. adv. (a) only, alone (b) surely, certainly (c) save, except / RQH 1. temple (of head) 2. poet. for the cheek (Ca. 4.3; 6.7)
_____________And next gather
(Under the label of its tree)
The roots suggesting medicine
And what it treats, since ruis the elder
Is a medicinal tree as well as
One signifying the death or end
Of the year.
II. RUP (nu) cogn. Arab. RPTh bruise, pound, Eng. rub; perh. also iq RPA to heal / RYPUTh bruised corn, grits / ThRUPH medicine, or healing, cure (Eze. 47.12)
RChTz 1. wash (body, flesh) 2. wash away [relates to R-as-death, see below] 3. wash oneself, bathe / a washing / +H a washing-place (for sheep, Ca. 4.2; 6.6)
RChTz Chald. only Ithpa. to trust on or in (any one, w/ OL)
RTPSh grow moist, fresh, revive [relates also to mouth-hieroglyph (water), above]
[ROP] drop, distil / Hiph. let drop (Is. 45.8)
RPA 1. heal, cure; part. a physician 2. (met.) (a) restore (to prosperity) (b) restore spiritually, pardon, forgive (c) restore, comfort, console / only in pl. the quiet; the languid, feeble (= RPH?), poet. for the dead, the departed [relates to R-as-death, see below]
[RQCh] compound or prepare (ointment) / Hiph. to spice, season / a spicing / ointment, perfume / perfumer or apothecary (f. +H) / M+ (only pl.) aromatic herbs / M+ +H 1. ointment 2. pot of ointment
___________And next, since medicine
Is alchemy -- the 'black art' --
And based on English folklore's quip
And the number given R in Irish,
R's trump, XV LeDiable,
Heads a list of roots conveying
Man's inhumanity to man:
Oppression, which the chains suggest,
Along with destruction and the greed
Or materialism fueling it.
II. [RBO] 4-sided / A+ 4 [4 elements = the material, plus LeDiable's platform is 4-sided]
RUN (Kal. nu) Arab. to conquer / Hithp. be overcome (from wine) [relates to mouth-hieroglyph?]
RUQ 1. to empty 2. pour out 3. draw out 4. draw, lead out (troops) / RYQ 1. empty; hence vain 2. (adv.) in vain . . . 1. empty; hence vain 2. empty, impoverished, poor [relates to R-as-worn-out, above] 3. worthless, wicked
[RZM] to wink (iq Aram. RMZ); (Prof. Lee: ) be fixed, fastened
RCh, RChH (m.) only dual (+YM) (pair of millstones) a hand-mill (root uncert.)
RTH perh. iq Arab RTA to throw, hence YRTNY they give me over; but see YRT (1. cast down, precipitate 2. be perverse, destructive
[RKS] bind on or to any thing / (only pl.) difficult, rugged places / conspiracy, plot
RKSh get, gain, acquire / RK[U]Sh substance, property, wealth
RMS 1. tread (w/ feet) (as e.g. a potter w/ clay) 2. tread upon, walk over 3. tread down, trample underfoot; part. treader down, oppressor / Niph. be trodden down [all relating to R-as-spreading-flat, above, as well as R-as-horse perhaps]
RSN Arab. RShN bind, hence / 1. bridle, halter 2. inner part of mouth, the jaws [relates to mouth-hieroglyph, above]
[ROO] 1. break, break in pieces [relates to R-as-death, see below] 2. iq RUO make a loud noise (Is. 8.9), where Gesenius prefers to render ROU OMYM VChThU be evil, O ye people, ye shall be broken 3. fut. YRO (intrans.) (a) be evil . . . (c) be hurtful; of the eyes, be envious, malignant; of countenance, heart, be sad, sorrowful / RO 1. evil, bad, worthless 2. evil, wicked 3. noxious, hurtful 4. ill-favored 5. ill, calamitous 6. sad, etc.
[ROTz] break, crush; met. oppress (Ju. 10.8)
[RPS, RPSh(s)] tread, trample upon, esp. of water, troubled, made turbid / Hithpa. humble or submit oneself
( [RTzP] range stones artificially (e.g. in a pavement or inlaid work), to checker; only part. pass. checkered [consider our expression 'a checkered past'], tesselated (Ca. 3.10) (Gesen.); some regard RTzP = TzRP to burn / 1. hot stone; or coals? 2. pr. name / +H 1. hot stone or coal (Is. 6.6) 2. tesselated pavement 3. pr. name)
[RTzTz] 1. break, bruise, crush 2. (trop.) treat w/ violence, oppress 3. (intrans.) be broken [relates to R-as-worn-out, above] / Niph. be broken, bruised [ditto] / RTz fragment, piece / MRUTzH oppression
[RQO] 1. stamp w/ feet 2. tread down 3. stretch, spread out, expand / 1. beat into thin plates 2. cover w/ same / RQYO the expanse (Vulg. firmamentum) [relates to R-as-horse/travel/distance, above]
[RShO] 1. be wicked, act wickedly, unjustly, impiously 2. be guilty, have unjust cause / Hiph. 1. declare guilty, condemn 2. cause mischief, disquiet 3. be wicked, act wickedly / 1. wicked, ungodly, impious 2. having unjust cause 3. guilty, punishable
(RShP 1. a flame; others, burning coal 2. lightning 3. burning disease)
RShSh (Kal. nu) cogn. RTzTz / Pi. break in pieces, destroy

(to be continued)
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(R as LeDiable continued)

[RThM] bind, yoke, or harness / the broom (Spanish retama; according to Jerome, the juniper)
RThQ / Niph. be bound / RThUQ a chain
RASh name of a northern nation (north being 'the left', i.e. 'evil'), supposed to be the Russians (Eze. 38.2f; 39.1) (KJV chief prince, or prince of Rosh . . . )
RVDNYM (1 Ch. 1.7) Rhodians? (northern eastern Mediterranean)
Originally Posted by venicebard

Whereupon we come to guttural
R, the growl of the hell-hound,
Heading a list of roots that speak
Of trembling, shaking, roaring (rage).
RGZ 1. shake, tremble 2. be moved, agitated / rage, rave against
[RGN] murmur, rebel
RHH spurious root (to fear, based on Is. 44.8)
RGO cogn. RGZ, RGSh, ROO, ROSh 1. be in a commotion, make noise (sea) 2. tremble, or perh. shrink (Ethiop. contract, curdle) (Job 7.5) / a moment (prop. a twinkling, sc. of the eye); --, B+, K+ in a moment, suddenly; L+ +YM every moment, repeatedly (also suddenly, Eze. 26.16)
[RGSh] rage, make noise, tumult
RDP 1. follow after 2. pursue, persecute 3. put to flight, chase [the hunt aspect of the hellhound, also relating directly to R-as-steed]
RHB 1. act insolently 2. urge, press upon [hunt aspect of hound?] / 1. embolden, 2. overcome / insolent, proud / 1. insolence, pride 2. Rahab (poetic name for Egypt) [perhaps better suited to be under R-as-LeDiable, since Egypt held the Habiru 'in chains']
RUZ Syr. hide, keep secret [hound as guardian of secret, but relates also to R-as-mouth]
RUO (Kal. nu) (cogn. Arab. ROA) make a loud noise / Niph. fut. YRUO 1. become evil, be made worse 2. suffer evil, injury [relates to R-as-LeDiable] / Hiph. HRYO 1. cry aloud 2. shout (in joy, alarm, or war) 3. sound (trumpet) / RO noise, outcry (perh. of thunder, Job 36.33)
I. RUP / Pul. be agitated, shaken (Job 26.11)
RZCh Arab. raise the voice / M+ outcry (either for joy or sorrow)
[TChP] shake, tremble / flutter, hover, brood
RTT a trembling, fear. Syr. & Chald. tremble, be terrified
[RNH] to rattle (Job 39.23) / to whiz, rattle
[ROD] tremble, quake / Hiph. tremble, shake / (m., +H f.) a trembling, awe
ROL be shaken, tremble / 1. a reeling (from intoxication) [relates to R-as-mouth] 2. pl. (+UTh) veils, prob. from tremulous motion (Is. 3.19)
[ROM] 1. rage, roar (sea) 2. quake / 1. to thunder 2. to vex / +H 1. a trembling, shivering (poet. for mane of horse [relates to R-as-steed]) 2. pr. name / 1. tumult, rage 2. thunder
[ROSh] be moved, shake, tremble / 1. move, shake 2. cause to tremble, terrify 3. cause to leap / 1. a shaking 2. earthquake 3. a tumult 4 a rattling, rushing
RThTh (m.) iq RTT trembling, terror
And last are gathered a group of roots
Conveying death and means of slaying,
This since ogam-consaine places
R at the end, R being
The last of the thirteen months of the year.
II. [RBB] shoot arrows / RB arrow
RBTz lie down [relates also to R-as-carnal-love, above]
RGB (nu) / a clod (cogn. RGM heap together (stones, lumps, clods)
[RGM] stone to death [punishment Jesus would have merited, were the story of his untimely death history, rather than Gnostic symbolism] / +H crowd, throng, band / MRGMM heap of stones
RGO rest, be quiet [simple inverse (reysh being a 'double' letter) of "rrr," R-as-hound!]
RDM 1. lie in deep sleep 2. sink down stupified, senseless
RTSh / Pi. 1. dash in pieces (against a rock) 2. strike to the ground (w/ arrows)
RMH 1. cast, throw 2. shoot (w/ bow) / Pi. deceive (prop. make fall) [relates to R-as-LeDiable] / Chald. --, RMA 1. cast, throw 2. set, place 3. impose (tribut) [R-as-LeDiable's chains again] / RMYH 1. slackness, remissness (prop. a letting fall of the hands) 2. deceit / Th+, +UTh, +YTh (f.) deceit, craft [reminds one of why Keltic Lugh (Luck), the 'many-skilled' (crafty), became the Scandinavians' crafty Loki, deceitful maker of mischief (who engineered Balder's fall using mistletoe)]
RTzCh kill, slay; part. manslayer, homicide / Pi. 1. dash in pieces 2. murder
[RQB] rot, decay (verb & noun) [relates to RBL be muck, under R-as-carnal-love above]
[RShM] write down, record [all that's left of one who is deceased]
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JOK. an irishman an englishman and a scotsman walk in to a bar
JCK. and the barman says is this a joke?
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