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4 of wands & 6 of swords - connection?

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Lightbulb 4 of wands & 6 of swords - connection?

Am I the only one who sees a connection between the 4 of Wands and the 6 of Swords?

The 6/Swords looks a bit like a continuation of the 4/Wands, when you put the cards side by side. The man in the card seems to be absorbing the golden halo released by the woman in the 4/Wands.

And both cards relate to "balance" somehow.

The man in the 6/Swords seems to be using this light to see beyond the swords that lie at his feet... as a point of focus perhaps. The woman in the 6/Wands looks like she finally succeeded at this position after a long time of practice and exercise.

For her, this position is an exercise, a way to concentrate her energy and push herself harder. For him, it's a necessity, to find focus and a way to balance himself amidst the difficulties (the swords).

The message for me is that we need to remember our past conquests, find in ourselves our skills again, in order to keep going - specially in a difficult suit such as the Swords. And for the woman, it could show that all we practice in life can come handy in moments of trouble - no knowledge or skill is ever wasted.

What do you see?
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