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Major arcana blueprint done

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Major arcana blueprint done

My plan for my Majors is done. I'm now part way through planning the suit of cups.

possible major arcana
0 Trickster - three tailed blue eyed kitsune in high goth
- upright independence of thought and originality are the key to success. Reversed irresponsibility and rebellioness can be distructive if taken to extremes.*
1 Magician - pagan in everyday clothes circle in the dirt with elmental symbols*
- upright putting creativity to use. Exploring potential abilities. Emerging talent. Creative success. Reversed seeking the wrong goal, confusion, unco-ordinated efforts.*
2 Priestess - priestess of hethert wearing the menat and shaking the sistra
-upright success and lasting contentment will occur. Reversed entire picture cannot be seen; await developments. There will be eventual success.
3 The artisan - A woman sits with embroidery in her lap, a fabric bag by her feet surrounded by growing things. -*upright. The artisan is skilled in her chosen crafts, imaginative. She is content in her work. Authority from knowledge. Reversed: A time of learning, alternatively a loss of skill due to ill health, a lack of authority, discontentment with the work.
4 The warrior - a female black belt in gi does a face kick. Other warriors in the background?
- upright discipline, physical control, the warrior doesn't starts fights but knows she can finish them, serene. Reversed unreliable, doesn't know their own body, angry, likely to start fights.*
5 Priest- priest of Sobek bald headed priest in a kilt holding a baby crocodile - upright must be solid organisation before success can be achieved. Reversed Be aware that outward appearance can become too important.*
6 The lovers - two cards - m/f spooning nude on a bed, f/f one girl sitting on the other having a good snuggle in. - Upright*An emotional trial which will be resolved successfully in time. Reversed overdependence on others can often result in making the wrong choice.
7 Transportation - A train (yellow stipe, windows, blue stripe, yellow stripe with head lights) just visible from a platform full of passangers. Among the pasengers is wepwawet (grey headed jackal god) holding a rectuangular shield, a spear and dressed in a kilt. - upright a new adventure, a journey, intuition, imagination. Reversed this the wrong time for journey, failure to think outside the box.*
8 strength - an old man with a stick hails a bus - Upright Have courage of own convictions. Reversed don't let negative people get to you.*
9 Guide (hermit) - A man in blue fantasy mage robes has a light within and another coming from his hand. - upright a teacher is there if you pay attention. Listen to your intuition Reversed learn to face to important issues and acknowledge faults. Someone claiming to be a teacher is misleading you.*
10 Lady Luck - A glamorous lady sits at a gaming table with a dice cup and a pair of dice.
- upright maintain equilibrium neither good or bad luck is permanent. Reversed the unexpected element alters a plan's completion.*
11 Justice - the feather of Ma'at. - upright Justice will be done and the truth revealed. Reversed weigh every situation carefully and impartiality.*
12 Self sacrifice (hanged man) - Man pricks his finger and bleeds into a dish - upright self sacrifice is necessary.*reversed you have sacrificed too often, get on with your own life.*
13 Death - Against a starry night a Jackal stands lapping at a beer, there is also a loaf bread in front of him. On the right side stand Nebt-het. Upright transformation. Something has come to an end. Acknowledge that all things change. Reversed Being stuck in a rut.*
14 Temperance - under a full moon (kemetic tradition associates the moon with healing) Djehuty holds a pair of scales balancing the feather of Ma'at against a cup - upright healing, balance, moderation and compromise. Reversed self harm, wobbeling, hedonism and a refusal to compromise.*
15 Set - Set with the Was sceptre standing in the desert.*
- upright destruction of habits that hold you back to allow for new growth. Reversed stagnation.*
16 Earthquake - A big crack in the ground with debris all around, some ground plant surviving.- upright devasting change will require you to rebuild your life. Once you pick yourself life will * * eventually settle into a new pattern. reversed you have survived change and come out stronger.*
17 The elements - a canvas tent has been pitched by a pond, a fire in lit in a pit and a simple wood wind instrument has been left on a rock -*upright hope, peace of mind, generosity reversed depression, anxiety, penny pinching*
18 The sandman - a man dressed in indigo carrying a sack, he has sandy coloured hair and brown eye- upright*lack of direction, vivid dreams and fears. Reversed a clear path, reassurance, peaceful sleep.*
19 The sun - the aten disc - upright*new vitality, assurance, enlightenment. Reversed a loss of vitality, a lack of confidence, looking in all the wrong places for enlightenment, trust your intuition*
20 Zep-tepi (the utopian time immediately after creation. Each new day is a new zep-tepi and a chance to do things right). - sunrise - upright a new day, a new start, forgive yourself. Reversed dwelling on past failures (eating your heart) is preventing a fresh start, unwanted ties to others need to be broken for a fresh start.*
21 the world - the barque of Ra with his various atendant dieties. Faulkner page 126 upright a circle or work has been completed, you have traveled the world to return to home and see it with fresh eyes. Reversed work left unfinished, a refusal to move onto the next stage.*
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