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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SIX

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Princess Judy 

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21 Ways - Step Six: Ten of Coins (Golden Tarot)

Cups: emotional - emotions/feelings, relationships
Swords: mental - intelligence, communication, planning/strategy
Pentacles: physical - money/finances, career/work, body/health/fitness, material, success
Wands: spiritual - passion, energy, inspiration, ideas, creativity, enthusiasm

10 of Coins: coins/earth - money, rewards for accomplishment, manifestation, fruits of labor, career, success, acknowledgement, well being, fulfillment, happiness, harvest, results

Court Cards: Who? An aspect of personality, attitude, a person
Number Cards: What? Situation, what's happening/going on
Major Arcana: Why? Archetypical energy, important spiritual lesson
Aces: Where? Beginnings, opportunities, elemental energy

10 of Coins is a number card. It tells me the 'what', a specific situation, namely that of what success (in my career) to me would specifically look like.
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So that is what success looks like? I don't know about you, but I'd take it! <grin>
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Ivy Rhiannon 
21 Ways - Step Six

Ok whew! This step was defiantly involved but I enjoyed it throughly! So here goes nothing...


Druidcraft ~ The Moon

Suit Keywords
- Cups: emotion, relationships, inner processes
- Wands: direction, journey, growth
- Pentacles: wealth, work, foundations
- Swords: decisions, actions, challenges

Element Keywords
- Water: flow, reflection, desire
- Fire: energy, inspiration, power
- Earth: stability, security, creation
- Air: communication, strategy, will

Mode Keywords
- Majors: Why? lessons, spirituality
- Minors: How? processes, situations
- Aces: What? opportunities, representation of suit
- Court Cards: Who? personalities, goals

I believe that the moon is a cup/water card because it has a lot to do with reflection, desire, emotion and inner processes. However it it important to not forget the earth influence of needing stability and security and the air influence of strengthening your will to overcome your fear. It is a major so it suggests that there is an important step to be taken in order to gain understanding.
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STEP 6-Mythic Tarot-Five of Cups


WANDS- FIRE-ambition, AIR-enterprise, EARTH-the countryside.

CUPS-WATER-feelings, AIR-love, FIRE-emotions.

SWORDS-AIR-will, FIRE-courage, EARTH-industriousness, WATER-force directed by will.

PENTACLES-EARTH-fruits of labor, AIR-ambition, FIRE-happy and prosperous family, WATER-emotionality.

6.1b Suite Element Keywords for Five of Cups


6.2a Mode Keyword Examples

Court Cards/Who? Queen of Cups-an energy personified.
Number Cards/What? Two of Cups-actions.
Major Arcana/Why? The Devil- archetypal energies.
Aces/Where? Ace of Wands-the element of greatest potential.

6.2b Five of Cups

The Five of Cups is a number card and directly shows a situation and action going on in the picture. It shows a situation where someone has "lost" something or someone. There is action in the card and it draws upon the emotions of the situation.
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Tarot of Prague -- The Hermit

6:1:1 Suit keywords

Wands -- Passionate, adventurous, energetic
Cups -- Empathetic, imaginative, moody
Swords -- Rational, talkative, hurtful
Pentacles -- Physical, actualized, secure

6:1:2 I had a difficult time deciding which suit best expressed the qualities of the Hermit, but I settled on Pentacles, which is the Golden Dawn interpretation. I see the Hermit as patient, secure in himself and actualized.

6:2:1 Mode keywords

Court cards -- A person, an aspect of someone's personality
Number cards -- A situation or actions
Major Arcana -- Lesson or major forces at work
Aces -- New opportunities, gifts, energies

6:2:2 The Hermit is a Major Arcana card. It represents a major lesson I need to learn or a major force at work in my life.
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21 Ways Step six: RWS The Emperor

Swords: Air-analysis, strategy, conflicts, Fire-power, conquest, courage, energy, Earth-physical, organization, melancholy, Water-negative emotions, mental processes

Pentacles: Earth-fruition, actualization, skills, grounding, Air-Intelligence, ambition, finances, Fire-happy content, and prosperous suit with a family orientation, Water-illusion and emotionality.

My card, The Emperor:
Swords/fire- conquest, courage, power

1. The Emperor- keywords: archetypal energies, a strong personality type that has developed into a “my way or the highway” inflexible behavior pattern. He epitomizes the stern father, the family patriarch.

It indicates to me that it’s time to lighten up, compromise look at alternative ways of doing things, or depending on the cards surrounding it might indicate a need to be more forceful.

2. The Emperor is from the Major Arcana mode, which asks “why”.
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21 Ways - Step Six

Step Six, Whispering Tarot, The Emperor

6.1 a) Keywords that best express the qualities of each suit in my deck:

Wands/Fire: desire; creativity; daring
Cups/Water: imagination; receptivity; an emotional reaction to and nurturance of an idea
Swords/Air: feeling overwhelmed; will; strategy
Pentacles/Earth: security; self-worth; centeredness

6.1 b) Which suit/element keywords best describe the qualities of your chosen card?

Of the keywords I have chosen, my first instinct is to go with two of those for Swords/Air: will and strategy. The Emperor is in charge of a large area and needs to coordinate the kingdoms within it according to the best plan he can devise.

But remembering my fairy-tale, I need to lighten up and also suggest the keywords I chose for Wands/Fire: desire, creativity, and daring. The goat in my Emperor card tells me that there is another way to achieve desire besides application of will: use of creativity to find new solutions or action plans and to be daring enough to give them a try.

6.2 a) Keywords for the four modes:

Court Cards/ Who?: a person; a style of acting or attitude; a way of relating to others
Number Cards/ What?: life events; actions; what is going on
Aces/ Where?: the element, realm, or sphere
M.A./ How?: the cause; a lesson to be learned

6.2 b) My chosen card is the Emperor; it is from the Major Arcana, the "Why?" cards. In a reading, M.A. will show answers to the cause of a situation and/or the lesson to be learned.

In a reading the Emperor may suggest that the situation is caused by a need to take, share, or delegate responsibility, or for the need of a creative and daring approach to a problem. Or, it may suggest that one of these are the lesson to be learned -- *how to* take responsibility or find new creative ways to take action or *the willingness or ability* to do the same.
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The Guided Hermit 

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The Wheel--Via Tarot, pathway to Life

For the VIA, I follow the Authors/Golden Dawn naming convention:

Disks = Earth
Cups = Water
Swords = Air
Wands = Fire

Disks—Grounded, security, stability
Cups—Emotions, intuition, flow
Swords—Intellect, words, precision
Wands—Speed, enterprise, passion

The Wheel is a Major Arcana and is related to Fire. I equate this card, in an favorable position, as implying 'What is Found' be it good luck, karma or evolution. This card resolves the question "Why?"

The Wheel is from Fire and of the words available in the book, I would describe The Wheel as optimistic.
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For Joon, Guided Hermit and other recent posters.

Although not part of this step's requirements, one of the approaches I take in choosing keywords for any of the cards is to consider it in different spread positions such as being the card found in:

** As a "basic problem" or "root of present situation" card.
** As a "desired outcome" card.
** As an "available resource" card.
** As an "immediate or short term direction" card.
** As an "confronting issue" card.

These, or other spread-positions force us out of our typical views of how a given card can be seen, and encourage us to be more imaginative as we use this book ---- being imaginative is part of what this wonderful book is about. Dave
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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
Although not part of this step's requirements, one of the approaches I take in choosing keywords for any of the cards is to consider it in different spread positions such as being the card found in:

** As a "basic problem" or "root of present situation" card.
** As a "desired outcome" card.
** As an "available resource" card.
** As an "immediate or short term direction" card.
** As an "confronting issue" card.

These, or other spread-positions force us out of our typical views of how a given card can be seen, and encourage us to be more imaginative as we use this book ---- being imaginative is part of what this wonderful book is about. Dave
Dave, I'm sorry but I'm having a mental block. Could you critque & expand on my example below?

Example of "available resource" for a card: The Suit of Wands as a "resource" - "An Unknown or Known Energy Reserve" and/or "Expressed Spiritual Vitality" (e.g., "she has a vivacious spirit").

Please give feedback on this. Thanks!

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