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The AT Frankenstein Patchwork deck

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Wow, a Ukiyoe card and a BBC Gold in there! What awesomeness!

\m/ Kat
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morticia monroe 

This deck is going to be suh-WEET!
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Originally Posted by thorhammer
Do you want mine? *she said meekly* Or is the Mystic Meg just too naff?
I think that's more than fair I'm still rooting for the Lighter Weight . . . I am such a sucker for an intelligent pun! (If you don't get it, say it out loud . . .)

\m/ Kat
LOL!!! I didn't get it until I said it out loud. Ok now I'm a fan. But I still think my vote goes so far to Tarot of the 78 Spares.
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I think le fanu definitely gets a vote on the name! It's only fair.

Remember everyone we're going to try to not use repeat decks so if le fanu is not adding all of your contributions it probably means we already have a card from that deck.

This is going to be one awesome deck.
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9 Receive

It's this:

12cm x 7cm
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strings of life 

I have a large Illuminated Tarot sample card that I can trim; will that work? I have to dig it it and see which one it is...

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Thursday's Child
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I have:

Swietlistej Drogi - The Hermit (trimmed)
Fairytale - A Chariot with a plain (!) back
Sweet Twilight - 4 of Swords
Swedish Witch - The Hermit
Swedish Witch - 9 of Cups
Old Path - 4 of Rods
Old Path - The Sun
Fantastical - 4 of Pentacles
Fantastical - Ace of Pentacles

That same deck as you LF with the beige back and the three dancing girls - 3 of Cups

All yours if you want them
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This looks like fun! Wish I'd seen this thread (ie, that it'd been created) before I packed all my worldly possessions. I only have ONE entire Tarot deck on my person at the moment, but I would have loved to be in on this! There are some great cards being tossed about here...
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Just a little prairie faerie
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I have three illuminated medium cards if you would want them
King of Cups
3 of Swords
Page of Cups
I don't know if you would consider these to small. 4 inches by 21/2 inches

And 2 large illuminated
Ace of cups
5x 31/4
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Originally Posted by Le Fanu
Cardlady.. can you check your Stella tarot? I had a Stella tarot Justice and thought it might be too small. Is yours the AG Muller edition?
ROFL ~ 'Tis you who sent it to me, Dear One!
7 x 11 cm
wider than the LS, but a tad shorter top-to-bottom
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