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The Gilded Tarot Royale

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The Gilded Tarot Royale

This Project was hinted at in a previous thread, but then transferred to another forum. I kind of lost track.

So in brief, Its approximately 10 years since I started my little tarot journey by working on the Gilded Tarot. A deck that has elicited a extreme range of responses over the years here on Aeclectic. Loved by some, and ridiculed by others. Its early popularity was dismissed as a passing fad and it would not stand the test of time. Possibly so, and certainly 10 years is a drop in the ocean compared with the longevity of the Marseilles and other RWS classics, but then they didn't have about 2000 decks to compete against either..... Either way the Gilded does seem to have a struck a chord, and the little bugger has now sold well over a quarter of a million copies. Go figure !!!!

But I also have to admit that I do count myself as one of its principal critics, and have itched at the idea of re-doing it for well over a year, and so behind the scenes thats what I've been doing. Regrettably the publisher didn't see the need to fix something that wasn't broken. So for contractual reasons this new version will have to be limited to being a special edition. I have no idea of wether there is any real market for this as anyone who wanted it presumably already bought the original, but for personal reasons its something I really wanted to do. As I mentioned earlier the original Gilded is a little like my own personal Fool card, innocently setting off on an unknown Tarot Journey, (and yes I do have a little white dog) in a sense redoing the Gilded is my World card, an appropriate way to complete the journey, after learning a lot and meeting so many interesting Tarot people along the way.

Attached is the logo and a couple of sample before and after comparison.

Additional long winded info along with other image samples is too lengthy for a forum thread, but can be read and viewed from my web site if you're interested.

PLEASE NOTE. That the original Gilded will continue to be published by Llewellyn.
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Queen of Disks 

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Awesome!!! I never quite got around to buying the original. Never quite loved it enough. But this update ... WOW!!! I'm over the moon about it and it's definately going on my wishlist RIGHT NOW!!!
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WOO HOO!!!!! I'm in for at least one copy, possibly more depending on what the final cost is!
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Count me in!
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Oh WOW definitely, go ahead with it. Is this the queue cos I would love a copy. Or two.
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Definitely for sure I would like a copy. The Gilded was my third deck, after reading for 15 years with my pocket RWS, I bought a Legend and a Gilded, and I was in deep.
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Me like very much
Count me in
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