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Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

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Join Date: 06 Jan 2004
Location: Central Massachusetts, USA
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I just placed my order for the postcards, thank you baba-prague. Funny, even though I know your name is Karen, I think of you as "baba." Isn't that odd? I wanted to order lots of prints too, but my credit card is not as accomodating as I would like. Sigh! Soon, soon, prints will be mine soooooooooooooooooooon.

I just wanted to mention that the ordering functions all worked perfectly - it was very logical and easy to use. You guys are real whizzes of web-design.

Oh, and regarding the amount of skill it takes to do what you were describing, with the miniatures and the photos and the models and everything - it's astounding. I hope you realize how talented you two are - the blending and transitions are seamless to an outsider, and the magical world is delicious. I can't wait for you to print up some huge panoramas. And count me in for any book you two create!
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baba-prague  baba-prague is offline
Join Date: 24 Nov 2002
Location: Prague, wonderful Prague, Czech Republic
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Originally posted by Gardener
Now when you say "giving away" the panoramas, what exactly do you mean????????? How can I put this politely? I want one, pretty please gimme gimme gimmeeeeeee. Um, I mean, Please?
I really honestly do mean giving away.

I showed one to my physiotherapist this morning (she asked what I do) and she said "Ah, er, so you have more of these I guess, so I can keep this one?" It was nice - oddly reassuring in a way. So I guess they are at least proved to be appealing - well to physiotherapists anyway LOL.

But they ARE only promotional cards - they are not hugely lavish productions or anything, so we will just use them for promotion - but give away a few here for sure. They are designed to sit on a desk or shelf - if you are feeling creative, please use them as the basis for making your own scene.

If you would like one please pm, or better still, email me with your address (some people here - I already have your address of course). That's all there is to it!

First come, first served! About three left I think (okay we may need to stretch this to a baker's dozen).

BTW, postcards. We just almost instantly sold all the ones we have here in the studio (er - this was a bit of a surprise). But tomorrow we will get more from the printer :-)

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Golden Silvery Dionna
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I got my packets of postcards and panorama of the Baroque Bohemian Cats. They are beautifully done and the detail is amazing. The pictures are full of tiny jokes and surprises. They came from Poland to Canada in 7 days. I easily wait 2 or 3 times that long (or even 7 times that long recently for one esp unfortunate parcel) for stuff from the States which is right next door. The mysteries of the world's postal services.
Anyway, Karen has priced them reasonably and they are a delight. I have no idea if she has any panoramas left but they are a 3 panel foldout and stunning to look at.
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Join Date: 24 Nov 2002
Location: Prague, wonderful Prague, Czech Republic
Posts: 7,626

Thanks Marion,

Just thought I should say here - in case it's a bit mysterious to some - that I've left the forum for now (not comfortable with some of the peculiar things going on in "Chat" - and never one for confrontation I'd rather leave and let it all die down).

I am posting new cards to the blog on LiveJournal (you can find it on the "Diary" page of But there you have to put up with my general musings about life, the new Tarot of Prague reprints etc!

I'll come back to announce the deck when it's finally done. Until then, enjoy the blog (and the site - also updated but not as often) and I'm glad the postcards are giving pleasure!

BYE! (mad waving from Prague :-) )
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hedgecub  hedgecub is offline
Join Date: 14 Apr 2004
Location: UK
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Hopefully tonight I'll sit down with a big mug of tea and read through all 14 pages of this thread, but for now...

Kitty Tarot! Mrowl! ^_^

I'm already on the pre-order list... and I'm waiting very very anxiously for the deck to come out!

But what is this I hear? Postcards are available? Must! Have! *scampers over to the website as fast as her little cub paws will take her*

A big *nuzzlepurrrrrrr* to Karen and Alexandr and Anna for creating such beautiful decks!

And Karen, will you please say Terve! to Anna for me? *bounces like a Finnish fan*

- hedgecub -
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RiccardoLS  RiccardoLS is offline
Join Date: 20 Nov 2002
Location: Italy
Posts: 1,093

I'm about the last one to talk about this deck...

I must say - for all I have seen on the net - that I was really impressed.
And - I must add - I'm rarely really impressed.


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baba-prague's Avatar
baba-prague  baba-prague is offline
Join Date: 24 Nov 2002
Location: Prague, wonderful Prague, Czech Republic
Posts: 7,626
Just bumping to say...

That we finish pre-orders tomorrow (it should be today really, but as there is such a time difference between Europe and elsewhere I will actually take it off the site tomorrow morning).

We have had a lot of orders - really far more than we expected - a big thank-you! But we really need to finish taking pre-orders now so that we can begin preparing the addresses etc fairly soon. I'd like to make sure that we can ship out pretty quickly after publication.

As ever, we seem to be cutting it to the line with WorldPay (they are a bit er, slow - if very proper and all that). As far as we know they now have all they need to switch us to US dollars as a base currency. Fingers crossed that will also all be done in the next three weeks.

We will also try to put the final cards on the site over the next fortnght or so. The ecards are not updated though and you'll find some with odd text - I will try to sort that out too (so much to do).

We are gettiing very excited now, but also trying to stay calm and clear-headed all through the production and print process. Sheet 2 (last Majors and most Wands) goes to the printer tomorrow...



edited to say, oh and as I was taking a hiatus from the forum when Riccardo made his kind comments I only replied by pm, so this is a good opportunity to thank him. It's generous of him and really appreciated.
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Join Date: 02 Aug 2003
Location: Internal New
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Hi baba!
Great to hear the time is coming closer to play with some kittens....yum...!

Can you please clarify what it means that you close the pre-orders?
Do we have to send you money now, or go to the site and do it,
OR still wait, but you just want to finalize the list?

thanks, and can't wait!
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baba-prague's Avatar
baba-prague  baba-prague is offline
Join Date: 24 Nov 2002
Location: Prague, wonderful Prague, Czech Republic
Posts: 7,626

Hi, sorry. I just meant that we won't take any more pre-orders at the low price. It will go back to the normal price - which probably means we won't get many direct orders from the US for a bit, but well, that might mean we have time to do the limited edition - we've almost talked the printer around to a print run of 250 only for that - and on very gorgeous paper and with gold (hey!)

But - as ever Amazon are now suddenly doing their own pre-order price (it's crazy - sort of wonderful but crazy - I updated all the information on the Amazon site and I think they sort of suddenly woke up) so I think we may even have to lower our price a bit more before we confirm all the orders in two weeks. It's weird - having to undercut Amazon! Problem is, if we undercut too much then we end up with a loss. The strangeness of US distribution - not that I'm complaining, the guys in LA are obviously doing a good job.
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Location: IL, USA
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Karen, think twice before you lower your site prices to undercut Amazon, because it means you'll also be undercutting all the other retailers who are selling your deck, and that's not generally good practice.

I'm not sure how Amazon does it, either, but you might want to check with them to see whether this is something they mean to stick with, or just a short term special offer.

If you were printing in the same quantities that US Games does, you could afford to play the price war game, but I don't think it works for what is still, essentially, a limited edition.
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