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And the not so bad news, if you'd not thought of it - of course, anything you have posted here is still available for you to download back to your machine !!! Loss of quality maybe - but it maybe helps not to have lost the lot.... NOT a deck we want to lose ! Can we see death; I love death.....
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The deck is lovely, Ahria... (I already told you, but thought I'd say it again)
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Join Date: 31 Jan 2005
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the beauty of that card has left me crying, tears streaming down my cheeks....(astrid is actually *not* joking for change)

I am so sorry to hear that your computer died with your amazing deck on it!!!!

Beautiful deck and the images are just breathtaking.
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thanks astrid it means alot
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Ahria, simply beautiful

x Huredriel
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autumn star 


I just wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful deck, all of the cards are beautiful and have such a nice feeling about them.

I especially love the Empress - the card exudes such warmth. The star is also another of my favourites
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Your cards are breathtaking! You have a very special way with colors... I'm so sorry to hear your computer crashed, but I'm glad you're working on the deck still / again. I especially love 'The Fool', and 'The Empress', and 'The High Priestess', and 'The Star'... Hmmm, that makes almost all, doens't it? Not so sure about 'The Emperor' though, but maybe that's only because I couldn't see it very well. But it's your deck, your interpretations, and I can see from the cards you have great insight in the tarot, and a lot of talent as an artist! Longing to see more!
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