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Tree Tarot (In Progress)

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SilentBreeze's Avatar
SilentBreeze  SilentBreeze is offline
Join Date: 24 Feb 2005
Location: Deleted
Posts: 4,202

I just got the set. The box is beautiful. You are a very talented artist. And the deck is gorgeous.

Now that I'm looking through it, although I like small cards, I wish these were bigger, so they would show off the details of the artwork more.
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truelighth  truelighth is offline
Join Date: 16 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 2,102

I just got my copies! And I love them!!!

Wonderful deck, Dana. And I am so glad you published the full deck. It is already one of my favorites!
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2_Journey's Avatar
2_Journey  2_Journey is offline
Join Date: 30 Nov 2008
Location: DC
Posts: 435

My deck arrived today! I haven't had time to play with it yet, and the suspense is killing me!
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jcwirish's Avatar
jcwirish  jcwirish is offline
Join Date: 17 Sep 2009
Location: California
Posts: 19,473

My deck arrived today as well, and it is just beautiful. I love it! I wish the cards were a little bigger too, because I love the artwork, but it is a great deck that I connected with at first glance.
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PathWalker's Avatar
PathWalker  PathWalker is offline
Walking the old paths
Join Date: 02 Jun 2008
Location: Always on chalk in my heart...
Posts: 11,457

Pay day came, and I've ordered myself a set - yay!!!!!
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kisou's Avatar
kisou  kisou is offline
Join Date: 03 Feb 2007
Location: California, USA
Posts: 334

Found this deck's images online... fell in love! And have just taken the plunge and ordered myself a set of cards. I'm a little apprehensive about the size of the cards---I've just gotten so used to big decks that it'll be weird for me to shuffle something so small!

But, I'm still excited about receiving this! I can't wait to stare at all the luscious colors and images.
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