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GT ISSUE: Do people in the sitter's past mean they're gone??

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Originally Posted by ThtDancerGuy View Post
In a Grand Tableau, it can be deduced that if the Sitter's card (say, the Man) and a specific other person (say, the Woman) are on the same horizontal line, aka the same row, then whichever card you look at, the future of that person's card is going to match up with that of the other person in question.

I.e. say that this is the row: Mountain + Man + Sun + Moon + Woman + Scythe + Stork + Ring
The Man is in the Woman's past, but the Woman is in the Man's future. It doesn't matter which card you're focusing on, the fact that one of them is in the other's future means that there will be some form of interaction or some event including the two of them that will (most likely) occur; because they're on the same "line," their respective paths will eventually parallel one another at a particular point.
Thank you.

This is a really interesting way to look at the connection. It makes sense to me. In your view, if the two persons are on different horizontal axes, will that mean their lives won't intersect?
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Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
Man or Woman on the house of the Coffin or Coffin on Man or Woman could indicate it's over and done with or Coffin on Heart or Ring etc.

Mountain between them and/or Coffin can indicate this as well.

Man and Woman facing each other means there is communication or something still there.

Man and Woman turned away from each other means problems or not seeing eye to eye.

Underneath the feet...a person is more or less put behind and no longer has a strong influence.
Hi DownUnderNZer,
I responded last night to your post, but just my luck...the forum was undergoing maintenance, so it didn't completely post. Ah!

Ok, I'm taking your notes down. I can see how the mountain would prove a big, heavy block. I wonder with the coffin. It's tricky, as depending on neighboring cards, it COULD mean sickness. Also, a period of stagnancy or depression. I have been wondering why no one looks at the Lenormand coffin card as the past. I definitely is a reminder of past things that have ended, you know?

I appreciate your input!
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