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Join Date: 30 Dec 2008
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OpenWindo Cards

Does anyone own this deck? (

If you do, how is it working with them?

I am looking into Oracle cards and I saw this link in another thread (I can't find it now) and they are absolutely gorgeous, but I wanted a little first hand advice about this deck.
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Eugenia Madora has them. From what she says they're wonderful!

I haven't gotten them yet, but they do sound really interesting to me.
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Join Date: 30 Dec 2008
Location: Valley of the Sun, USA
Posts: 508

Well, it is good to hear that someone enjoys them and that you're interested! I want to learn a little bit more about Oracles, which is why I am already collecting information about decks in case something jumps out at before and it's a good deal!
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I got these in an Easter surprise package from a friend, and I really love them. They are so vivid and the concept of the cards is unique.

So far, I have exclusively used them for meditation and to read for myself. They are very stimulating in that area.
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Echoing faunabay and Aulruna, it is a wonderful oracle! I received it recently and i love it!
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Guiding Cauldron 

I have this oracle as well, EM knows the creator of the deck- in fact shes the one who told me about this deck The creator of the deck is ever so nice as well.

The cards are double printed, meaning theres an image on one side and meaning/name on the other side. Images are bright, vivid, colorful and soul stirring! Which is why I Love them so much, you really can get a lot of feeling from an image and it can have multiple meanings, you pick up on things more and more when you look at an image, its almost like a storyline unfolding before your very eyes

Hope you get a copy for yourself and enjoy them too xx
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