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V The Wisest (The Wise One)

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Standing behind the thrones of the Empress and the Emperor, the Seer and the Wisest cast knowing glances at each other and smile.
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I had also not noticed the connection between the two. Skydancer you have made a big difference in the relationship of these two for me with your sentence

"Also - how about with The Wisest there is much sand already through the glass, and in the Seer, looking to time future, there is none. There is only an outline - in other words, a clean slate? Undiagramed potential??"

I feel i will have a better understanding now of them. I love both these cards as oppose to the RWS cards as they seem so much more lifelike.

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The Wisest

When I looked at the card, I immediately saw the Dragon as the Wisest. Perhaps this man, with his scroll has knowledge, but look at the Dragon. And of course, the Dragon means The Lady. So for me, this is a card that says knowledge, especially patriarchal knowledge, is not wisdom.

It is said, though, that the wisest men (and Fey, perhaps) can talk to Dragons.
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Originally Posted by Fulgour
Names as they appear on the card V The Wisest,
Der Weise "The Way" (German to English)

"The Wisest" when Translated appears as:
Das Klügste in German

"The Wise One" when Translated appears as:
Das Kluge in German
just thought I'dd add my cent to this as German is one of the first languages I learned and very kin to my mother tongue.

Der Weise means in fact the "Wise One". It is true that you will find the translation to "Way" in dictionaries, but then, the word "Weise" will be preceded by the article die. Die Weise = the Way... in the sense of the "manner" in which you do things.

"das Klügste" would mean "the wisest thing to do"; to translate "The Wise One" correctly, you change articles again: "der Klügste" or "der Weiseste".

"Das Kluge" would here be a reference to a wise or clever thing; usually it would be used as an adjective followed by a noun and in that case, "kluge" would not be capitalised. If you change articles, it makes sense: "Der Kluge"...

Hope my clarification make some sense

Simone, the "unsufferable know-it-all with a pet peeve"
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of patriarchs and matriarchs

Patriarchal wisdom, without matriarchal wisdom, is not wisdom at all. It's hardly even knowledge. And vice versa. I don't think there's a dichotomy here at all. The Dragon and the Fey are clearly bound together, the Dragon almost hugging the Fey and hourglass. I see their energies as merging into "true wisdom" rather than an either/or, black/white, male/female dichotomy. BB, Michael
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