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Herbal Tarot - 3 of Wands - Saffron

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Herbal Tarot - 3 of Wands - Saffron

This is the card I got for today. Reminds me I need to recognize opportunities that wait for me and that I need to work with. I love the affirmation that is in the Herbal Tarot book, for the card:

"This is the 1st day of the rest of my life. I go forth with inner strength and confidence.".

The herb is "saffron". ".. will help to stimulate the digestion of experiences"... "will help one to see one's part in the dance of life more clearly".
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I only looked at this card, since my deck and book at in the mail. And I do not have much experience with saffron gardening wise other than just using it to cook with. But for what it is worth here it goes...
To me Saffron conjures thoughts of the exotic and precious. It takes hundreds of saffron plants or blooms to make just an oz. of usable saffron. I forget but I think you only use the stamen? But you put in a lot of hard work to get a small intense product. Therefore, I guess it is simliar to the 3 of wands because it speaks of the hard work that is put in to a project. Also to the trade. It is an exotic herb. Wouldn't it have been interesting to live in the time when a boat would come into port from being in a distant land and to see the riches and mysteries of another country. It is an expensive and unique herb with such an intense color.
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Nice take, hyatt. To see saffron not only representing the meaning of the card, but also as the precious good carried by the ship.

I read in my book on herbs (not the one belonging to the deck, don't have that one yet) that the Arabs also used saffron as a magical herb to raise the wind - so the ships could reach their destination sooner !

I just love the way this card looks - so bright and full of hope ! and still sort of calm as well.
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3 of wands

I love the look of this card.The feather in his hat is blown back in the fresh breeze of the New coming his way.Also ,unlike the RWS,the two staves that he ISN'T holding are both together on his right.(In the RWS they look like a doorway he has just gone through and is a bit immobile-taking a last deep breath before he moves on.That is to me, a little Too Much like still procrastinating...)In the Herbal Tarot he has put them firmly to one side and taken a step into the new-over the threshhold that was the old.He has made the decision to grasp the future and moves hopefully into it-his clothing the green of hope and growth.

"I move forward and into the wind-joyous on the wings of change".
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I love the wide variety of herbs in this deck, ones from all over the world. I have always thought the two of wands and three of wands were part of a trading story, goods shipped and traded between Europe and Africa or India or China. Continuing with this connection there was so much profit from this trading industry, ships coming in meant lots of return on an investment. But there was also the Protestant work ethic that one ship cargo was never enough, they always pushed for more and more wealth. On the other side fo the card there was relief when the ship came in given the immense risks, ships were often lost to weather or pirates. It is such an fantastically adventurous image one full of conflict that would spur the main character forward.

Now on to the herb. The most striking qualities of this herb is its exotic rareness. Again this inspires the adventurer in me, go try something new. Not surprising to me this herb is used in a liquer to stimiluate appetite which it certainly does for me. It can benefit the heart and skin. It is also an aphrodisiac.

For those who know what this means-it tones the heart chakra

However there is a warning, be careful of too much large doses can have poisonous effects and can act as a narcotic.
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Herbal Tarot - Three of Wands - Saffron

You can see the minor arcane cards in Constellation 3.

Description: A man is holding a staff in his left hand, he is facing away from us, and has two staffs propped against his right arm. There is a large saffron plant growing on the land in front of him. There is a large body of water and a ship is in the distance with four birds flying away.

Significant Details: The saffron plant represents growth. The ship represents travel and exploration. The staffs represent strength of will.

Keywords: Exploration, Leadership, Forging your way

Medicinal Uses: : “The flowers are laxative and induce sweating…(used) for children’s complaints, particularly measles, scarlet fever and eruptive skin diseases…also stimulates the menstrual flow. The seed is laxative…it is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid.” Culpeper’s Color Herbal. “The Saffron crocus is represented in Cretan art dating back to 1600 BC…Saffron was a popular medieval hair dye and was once considered an aphrodisiac…In England, yellow saffron cakes are a traditional Cornish specialty.” American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger.

My Interpretation: This is a time for you to show your leadership qualities. You may be forging a new path or exploring new ideas. This is a creative time for you, a time of growth.

Number Significance: 3 – Fertility, Creativity, Growth, Collaboration, Relating to others

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The 3 of Wands is ruled by the Sun in Aries. Saffron is ruled by Saturn. The threes are in Constellation 3 with III Empress, XII Suspended Person, and XI World. 3 – Creativity, Nurturance, Sacrifice, Surrender, Form, Relatedness, Fertility, Limitation, Imagination.
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