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Dislike the Majors? - Robin Wood Tarot

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Smile Dislike the Majors?

For me the Robin Wood deck is the pinacle of the RWS clones out there, especially with the minors and court cards. The detail and vibrancy supersedes everything before it. However when i first got this deck i took and instant dislike to the majors. They are growing on me now but at the time i hated them. Specifically the Magicain, High Priestess, The Empress, Justice and Death. I think i disliked the Empress most because she seemed to old and didn't fit into my idea of what the Empress was, however now I have taken a shine to her warm face.

What were your first impressions of the Majors?
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Not fussed on a few of the Majors, loath the World Card- but the deck has one of my favourite 'Death' Cards. I have noticed that most clonish RWS grow on one slowly. I love the Spiral Majors and dislike the minors intensely. Enjoy your Robin Wood. ~Rosanne
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The Robin Wood is a reader's deck because she includes alot of symbolism in most of the cards, and adheres closely to the RWS on the Minors. However, I also don't care much for a few of the Majors. I don't like the candle sticks and the bright-yellow background on the Magician, the Wheel-of-Fortune is maybe where most of the "Barbie" accusations originate, the Hanged Man looks like Vincent VanPatton in tights, and the World card looks like a Bette Midler cousin. It's too bad she substituted a model of one of her neighbors for the original sketch (shown in her book) on this card. I think the rest of the Robin Wood trumps are actually quite good though. The Hermit is one of my favorites.
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Funny, with the exception of the Empress those cards (Magician, Justice, High Priestess, Death) are my favourites of the Robin Wood majors! Those and the Emperor. The ones I dislike are the Hanged Man, Judgement and that cheesy Wheel of Fortune.

I enjoy the Minors in this deck very much. When I read with other decks, I often find that these images are stuck in my head. And the Court cards are wonderful! Some of the best.
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I pretty much agree with the Queen of Pentacles .... the Wheel of Fortune is most dreadful, I think that is not only my least favorite Major card of her deck, but my least favorite Major card in all of the decks I own combined.

Overall though, I really love the Robin Wood Majors and Minors. It was the first deck I could actually read with, and her court cards have a lot of personality. The Empress is kind of "blah" but she does work for me. She looks more "grandmotherly" than "motherly", but it does give her the mother aspect and maturity. The Wheel of Fortune .... what the hell was she thinking?!?!?!?!?!?
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Join Date: 24 May 2006
Location: Scotland (Dumfrisshire)
Posts: 119

Oh, god, how could i forget how much i loathe the Hangedman - it's so dull, and upside down he looks really fat. And the Wheel of fortune seems more unlucky than lucky to me, with her big nostrils. Though, I have to say, Star, Sun and Moon are beautiful. I don't have a reall problem with the Lovers, even the em, nudity, (haha) but it's all too Disney animal forest type setting for me. Without the nudity (haha).
I totally agree. the Empress is Grandmotherly. Give me the RWS Majors anyday. Although, if i had to make my own deck it would be clones of most of the Robin Wood Minors, RWS Majors, but the Juliet Sharman Burke Strength Card. Big Lion, rarrrrr. lol. (I've so went off at a tangent somewhere)
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I don't like the Moon card: the dog and wolf both look too domesticated like tame puppies. The Wheel of Fortune is just awful with its "blonde=good/dark=bad" symbolism. The Devil card seems restricted and diminished in its symbolism although I am sympathetic to the idea of trying to avoid Christian imagery.

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I agree about the moon and the wheel of fortune but, the High Priestess is on of the best I have seen. I really love her. I don't like the Empress either. I am a little biased because it was my first deck and thus my yard stick for all others.
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Hi all,
I really don't like the Lovers card in the Robin Wood deck. I have the book she wrote to go with this deck and in it she shows some of the earlier versions of some of the cards. There is an earlier version of the Lovers card that is so much better than the one in the deck. Too bad we didn't end up with that one instead.
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Queen of Pentacle 

I am very found of the Robin Wood minors, but some major bug me too.
Empress and Emperor lool like Santa Claus and Grandma Keetle, their age made them more "fragile" than assertive...

Whell of fortune is strange... Unless your an haidresser dealing with bad-hair-day clients.

Judement look like streakers evaded from the 80' and World is probable a cheerleader parading.

But honnestly, the other major are very nice and very full of symbolism. I really appreciate the discreet death and her withe rose to show rebirth, not a very easy card to draw.

For the court cards, Robin Wood court card are lovely and very specific. The Cups and Sword are spectacular... But for the Wand, the plain yellow-yellow sky just dont match the rest of the deck... And outcast the rest of the so well shadowed character. Whay is it so plain? You can't se nothing else.

Energetic yellow, I understand, but does-it have to be so ugly? I wish she had put some cloud or shadow in the background, to show the energy of this suit. They seem like bathing in a mustard sea!

But I must agree that most of the minors are very interesting, very weel done, both close to Rider Waite and giving new insight to it. The drawing quality is excellent, feeling and emotions glides among the cards.
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