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Round 2: AT Patchwork Deck Creation

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Round 2: AT Patchwork Deck Creation

see threads in Talking Tarot to follow the journey

We are all aware of Le Fanu's Glorious Accomplishment, yes?
AT Frankenstein Patchwork Deck (original)

I'm wickedly pleased to serve as a coordinator for the Sequel, Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken, that was Spawned here:
Frankendecken; Instructions & General Discussion
nisaba: BTW, I'm beginning to wonder if Frankie has utterly exhausted AT's members' collections of extra/spare/double/sample cards. Could there be a younger sibling in the future? #219

Cat*: I still have a few more spares because their spots were already taken (or the deck was already represented). Anyone feel like coordinating #221

~ * ~ * ~
Note: For this round, BlueDragonfly will accept donations of material to be used in the making of the bag! So, those of you without broken decks or extra cards can still participate!
Originally Posted by BlueDragonfly
They'd have to be cotton or cotton blend, and I'd only require a piece no bigger than 3 inches square.
~ I'll use the same material for the lining, cord and beads that I used for Frankie's bag. We could create a contributors listing (with diagram) for the deck and bag to be included. Contact via PM!
~ * ~ * ~
For now, please post the decks/cards you have spares from & we will begin . . . The list below is to help me keep track of decks that have been used. We are selecting a single card from any deck. Variations of the Rider-Waite are counted as separate decks.

~ * ~ * ~

Nusantara, Ferret, Haindl, Comparative - lost in mail (nicole_ and zan_chan and Aulruna will remain part of the Travel List and the Draw)

decks we have used
1JJ Swiss, Angel, Aquarian, Arcus Arcanum(Russian), Baroque Bohemian Cats, BBC 2nd, Beardsley, Bohemian Gothic Silver, Bohemian Gothic Pewter/2nd, Brotherhood of Light, Cachet, Cat People, China(Der Jen), Cosmic, Crystal, Deviant Moon, Dodal(Flornoy), Egyptian LS, Elemental, Enchanted, Fairytale MRP, Fantastic Menagerie MRP, Fantastical, Fantastical Creatures, Feng Shui, Full Moon Dreams, Gareth Knight, Gilded, Gill, Golden Dragon, Halloween, Hoi Polloi, Hudes, Infinite Visions, Inner Child, Ironwing, Karma Music, Legacy of the Divine, Light & Shadow, Magical Forest LS, Grimaud TdM, Merlin, Mermaids, Minchiate(Williams), Mind-Body-Spirit, Mystic Dreamer, Mythic, New Palladini, Old Path, Paulina, Pearls of Wisdom (2nd), Picture Postcard, Prague, RWS(plaid back), Rabbit, Radiant Waite, red de Laurence, University Books RWS, Royal Fez Moroccan, Saints (Place), Samurai, Shaman, Shapeshifter, Spiral, Sun and Moon, Swedish Witch, Sweet Twilight, Tarocco Indovino 1.96, Tarot The Ancient Prophecy, Tarot Atalla, Russian Tapo 93 (Peruvian ed.), Transparent, True Love, Universal Fantasy, Victorian Romantic, Visconti LS, Vision, Waking the Wild Spirit, Witches(Hall), Wonderland, Zigeuner
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Join Date: 12 May 2008
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Assignments ~ all items have been received!

the Bag RCVD

Fool - Cat* Waking the Wild Spirit RCVD
Magician - mary ventura Flornoy's Jean Dodal RCVD
High Priestess - Lillie Beardsley RCVD
Empress - BlueDragonfly RWS plaid back RCVD
Emperor - rwcarter Minchiate BW *Eastern RCVD
Hierophant - Oddity Wonderland RCVD
Lovers - baba-prague Victorian Romantic RCVD
Chariot - gregory Egyptian LS RCVD
*Strength - gregory MindBodySpirit *TdM 11 RCVD
Hermit - gregory Mermaids RCVD
Wheel - nisaba Spiral RCVD
*Justice - Oddity Cosmic*TdM 8 RCVD
Hanged Man - AJ Tarot of the Saints (Place) RCVD
Death - DeadlyNightshade Infinite Visions +1 special RCVD
Temperance - Le Fanu Paulina RCVD
Devil - Le Fanu Magical Forest RCVD
Tower - tarotlyn Brotherhood of Light RCVD
Star - aurarcana Bohemian Gothic Silver RCVD
Moon - kaleanna Mystic Dreamer RCVD
Sun - Brigid Shapeshifter RCVD
Judgement - Le Fanu Shaman LS RCVD
World - Mellaenn Legacy of the Divine RCVD

Ace Wands - hippiewitchie Aquarian RCVD
Two Wands - jackdaw* Hudes RCVD
Three Wands - cardlady22 Halloween (Imps) RCVD
Four Wands - Wendywu Old Path RCVD
Five Wands - rwcarter de Laurence *red RCVD
Six Wands - GeorgiePorgie Mythic RCVD
Seven Wands - littlethings Transparent RCVD
Eight Wands - Marina Tarot Atalla RCVD
Nine Wands - aurarcana University Books Rider Waite RCVD
Ten Wands - Lutestring Baroque Bohemian Cats, 1st RCVD
Page Wands - Oddity Karma Music RCVD
Knight Wands - Jesii Cachet RCVD
Queen Wands - gregory Picture Postcard RCVD
King Wands - DeadlyNightshade Visions RCVD

Ace Cups - Solandia Hoi Polloi RCVD
Two Cups - PathWalker Arcus Arcanum (Ru) RCVD
Three Cups - gregory Elemental RCVD
Four Cups - Oddity Gareth Knight RCVD
Five Cups - rwcarter Royal Fez Moroccan RCVD
Six Cups - nisaba Fairytale MRP RCVD
Seven Cups - emmsma Pearls of Wisdom RCVD
Eight Cups - NorthernTigress Enchanted RCVD
Nine Cups - Wendywu Swedish Witch RCVD
Ten Cups - magpie9 Deviant Moon RCVD
Page Cups - PathWalker China- LS RCVD
Knight Cups - Lillie 1JJ Swiss RCVD
Queen Cups - Kimberlee Gilded RCVD
King Cups - gregory Radiant RW RCVD

Ace Swords - roppo Zigeuner RCVD
Two Swords - baba-prague Prague & Baroque Bohemian Cats, 2nd ed. RCVD
Three Swords - cardlady22 Light & Shadow RCVD
Four Swords - Wendywu Sweet Twilight RCVD
Five Swords - Londubh Sun and Moon RCVD
Six Swords - The Red Queen Gill RCVD *switched due to mixup
Seven Swords - gregory Samurai RCVD
Eight Swords - GeorgiePorgie Inner Child RCVD
Nine Swords - evelone/Vesper Rabbit RCVD
Ten Swords - Oddity Fergus Hall Witches RCVD
Page Swords - rwcarter Tarocco Indovino 1.96 RCVD
Knight Swords - gregory Universal Fantasy RCVD
Queen Swords - Alta Full Moon Dreams RCVD
King Swords - AJ Feng Shui RCVD

Ace Coins - AJ True Love (Gems) RCVD
Two Coins - Wendywu Golden Dragon RCVD
Three Coins - emmsma Fantastical Creatures RCVD
Four Coins - Wendywu Fantastical RCVD
Five Coins - gregory Crystal RCVD
Six Coins - rwcarter Tapo 93 Perussian RCVD
Seven Coins - Oddity Cat People RCVD
Eight Coins - Brigid Fantastic Menagerie RCVD
Nine Coins - Marina Grimaud TdM RCVD
Ten Coins - aurarcana Ironwing (Bells) RCVD
Page Coins - emmsma Merlin RCVD
Knight Coins - cricket LS Visconti gold RCVD
Queen Coins - Stormdancer Bohemian Gothic Pewter/2nd RCVD
King Coins - Oddity Angels RCVD
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Dusk Till Dawn 

I have most of a Visions Deck, and from the Infinite Visions:
Two of Cups
Three of Cups
Four of Cups
King of Cups
and the Nine of Swords
Also a Dark Priestess, that could be an Extra for the Bride thing?
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I have quite a number of Tarot Nusantara cards from a deck I have broken up
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Oujupah Unveiled
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My Zigeunel Tarot was a imcomplete deck from start, 76 cards in all.
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Right this is what I have for Beardsley cards.
These are all unlaminated, so I would have to run the right one through the laminator, but that's OK.

The fool, magician, priestess, empress, hanged man, death, temperance would all be OK

Emperor, heirophant, lovers, chariot, justice, hermit, wheel, strength are sort of OK, but the backs are a bit off, not centred properly. A bit closer to the top of the card than they should be, but they would be all right, I suppose, nothing missing.

Justice is 8, strength 11, by the way.
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cardlady22, thanks for being "in charge"!

The blue plaid backs RWS is the only broken deck I have, so that's the only card from me. However, I'll volunteer to make a matching bag(only larger this time)! Well, not matching, but the same style-all different fabrics.
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I have these incomplete decks, about 15-20 decent cards from each:
- Angel Tarot (it looks a bit like a marseilles deck with brown&yellow plaid backs)
- Karma
- Fergus Hall Witches Tarot
- Papus
- Wonderland
- Rider Waite with plaid backs
- Cat People
- Cosmic

Let me know what's needed and I can see if I have it.
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Posts: 22,679
the bag?!

Originally Posted by BlueDragonfly
I'll volunteer to make a matching bag(only larger this time)! Well, not matching, but the same style-all different fabrics.
You are an angel!

How do you all feel about letting people send scraps of material to BlueDragonfly if they don't have cards to contribute to the deck itself?
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Cat on a cold stone roof
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OK - I have lost the Shadowscapes, I think

but have:

Mermaids: Hermit
Arcus Arcanum: High Priest
Elves: Death and Temperance (both slightly scratched so EXTRA monstrous !)
Hudes: Two Wands
Crystal: 5 Pentacles
Spiral: 5 Pentacles
Egyptian (Alasia; LS): Chariot
Universal Fantasy: Knight of Swords
Fantastical Creatures: 9 Cups
Radiant Rider Waite: King Cups

All the majors and quite a few minors from the Mind Body Spirit deck

And a mini: LS Renaissance: 4 coins
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