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Join Date: 09 Nov 2006
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When looking again at the Queen and for the first time at the Fool (an excellent work! I love the suggestions of time and space), I get the sense that this is a rather edgy deck. The Queen is direct, almost sharp. The Fool is in a different position, he's not carefree, he's avoiding eye contact, his body is in an almost contorted form. Much more edgy than the Gilded, and more than the ToD.

I like them both very much, though. But I probably would be less likely to use this deck with a client, say.
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That is My Fool, but the queen was not my cup of tea because the lack of details. Faces only just does not do it for me. Love borderless deck, the "frame" is part of the image too, hope Ciro are going to keep it that way.

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It seems that many eyes are indeed watching you create another masterpiece. I will enjoy taking the journey of discovery with you as you see fit to post other cards in progress. I just received ToD this past Thursday, and obviously your style is very distinctive. That's what makes a Ciro deck so special.

I am particularly intrigued by the concept of each deck being subtly different from all the rest. What a wonderful concept!
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Bat Chicken 

There is a polish and a realism to her (Queen's) face that goes beyond the others of Ciro's wonderful decks. She has a greater dimension - less archetypal and I am engaged by her. I am facing a warrior Queen - a mythical figure in flesh and bone.... Boudicca...

I, too, can see the general look to be similar to the other decks as a few pointed out already - and I look forward to the developments. But - she reaches inside with that gaze.... I can't wait for the full story!

Ciro - I have to disagree with some of the others on certain specifics - just to offer another point of view. Too many more details on the Queen would take away from the mystery for me and distract from her face and her eyes - not add to it. I would hate to go too far and lose the focus. If detail were to be added to the background - I would personally want the chroma and value shifted down in order not to compete with those compelling eyes. I don't see the background now - don't need to - I want to get to know her better. There is that "old masters" technique of deep shadow so that the focus is clearly bathed in the light - an no matter how much detail is in the periphery, it does not endanger the focus and lose the 'myth'.

I also think to put the chin out (as Voron suggested) would make her defiant. She is not - she doesn't need to be and I want to know why.... what does she know? It's in her eyes.....

Brilliant! I don't know if I made any sense! I really hope I can afford this one.....
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Originally Posted by Bat Chicken
Too many more details on the Queen would take away from the mystery for me and distract from her face and her eyes - not add to it. I would hate to go too far and lose the focus.
All you comments were valid and made perfect sense. How best to treat the Pages Queens and Kings is what I struggle with most. Unlike other characters in the deck whose stories can be better told along with other artifacts, costumes or the general action of the scene, I try and capture the essence of these particular Royals more by their personalities as portrayed by their facial expressions. This of course is even more subjective (as if we didn't have enough of that already in tarot) but anyway getting the right balance is a dilemma, and they will probably end up being the last cards I finish. This particluar Queen being the exception, but only because as I said I saw her at Wiccan festival and immediately imagined her as a Queen.
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It doesn't have to be cluttered with symbols, that's not what I meant when I started this way up there
But I want context. Perhaps something as simple as the environment, where is she? Was she doing anything?
I just want something else that can catch my eye, courts aren't always people even if it's the most common way of reading them.

But as you can tell already you can't please all of us.
Make her the way she's supposed to be, I'm sure she'll let you know.

But another thing - yes, I do love the borderless look of the Fool very much!

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Before I send myself into the 'ignore category' I cant speak enough praise for the response I get from the Guilded deck as a reader and from clients - its up there as chosen deck to many I read for, and they are always admiring the cards - I ladore and have a great respect for them - they are so 'full' of energy and are not backward in coming forward with their story in the spreads.

But heres where ... well Im going to put my foot in it I suppose

I love the 'face' of the QoW - her presence - very Sabian or Turkish, but not the boddess - I dont think its necessary - as she started to appear on my screen she was held momentarily as a close up, before the rest of the screen enlarged and showed her in full. As the picture withdrew (enlarged but made her smaller in the frame - I realized how she lost her piercing quality and became another long portrait ... I prefer her in close-up

The Fool I am getting too many other intrusions from other aspects of cards - yet I understand the emodiement of these, but I dont see him 'free' - to me he seems too confined and a bit overwhelmed with symbology ... unless ... he has a different value or placement in the deck ... Im just not getting the Fool
edited to add: though on seeing him in the reversal - I understand him more - and that I find interesting statement (for me to see him that way) - he spins, but not like upright where I think he has a element of perpetual motion - both spinning clockwise and anti clockwise - (Whirling Dervishes) the reversal sees a tumbling top over bottom (if that makes sense).
i just also wondered about putting the cards up without titling them, and see if they fit a perception ... (JAT)

But design and beauty! Ahhh! Words fail me - but my hands are doing alot of speaking here *flaps hands all over the place* LOL!!

If this will be a deck - then it will surely be another masterpiece!

Blessings Elven x
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Join Date: 17 Jul 2003
Location: Miami Florida USA
Posts: 2,182

In responce to the possible price, its way too early to give actual numbers, but I plan to produce two versions. I am very into special editions , and certainly see this as a very very limited edition, similar to the one I did of the Gilded. If all goes to plan each deck will be be a one of a kind. The title card will be signed, numbered and include a personal message or dedication of your choice, which will be hand written. Each card will be trimmed, cornered and collated by hand. There won't be a interactive CD as in the Tarot of Dreams, but there will be a reader software that will be downloadable, and yes, a 'real' book, approximatly 10x10 inches probably leather bound. Once again I plan to print each copy myself, and each will be personalized for its owner. In addition to the text, the book will include several signed giclée prints attached loosly to various inside pages, of scenes (buildings and landscapes) of the companion world from where the images of the cards will be inspired. This process will be extremely labour intensive and I don't expect to sell that many, but I enjoy the craftsmanship approach that will go behind it. This version will obviously be geared to collectors.
However I don't see the whole project as being done simply for an exclusive few. If the final set of images appeals to wider audience (always a roll of the dice with you picky lot :-) I'd certainly like to make it more available, so before assuming its therefore not for you, I also plan to produce a standard non customised version with softcover book, for a price thats more in keeping with other published decks. (less than the ToD). This version would probably be available about six months later. But all this is way in the future... lots of work to do meanwhile.
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Oh, that's it now, you've got me hooked!

Too early for me to tell (based on only 2 cards), but I know for sure I'll be interested in the second edition. As for the first ... time will tell.

Despite my fondness for borders (the borders on the Gilded still rate as one of my favourite designs), I like the way you've handled the edges of the Fool.
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Bat Chicken 

I am going to start saving now...... I just know this is going to be incredible.....
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