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Your 5 Desert Island Stones And Why?


Hemera  Hemera is offline
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Your 5 Desert Island Stones And Why?

Yannie´s thread here and also the one in Tarot Decks (Five Decks to use for a Year) inspired me to think about my "Desert Island Crystals".

You know the game;

Which 5 crystals (and why) would you would pack in your Crystal Emergency purse for a one-year cruise around the world?

Here is my list:

1. Aquamarine -good for travellers, especially at sea (mermaids may exchange them for calming turbulent seas), generally a calming crystal in stressful situations.
2. Labradorite -protective, enhances creativity, for serendipity and synchronicities (-maybe I´d be saved from a desert island by a gorgeous guy who´d just happen to paddle by?)
3. Diamond - for strength and endurance, an Aries´crystal
4. Howlite - for healing, sound sleep, prophetic dreams
5. Tiger´s Eye - for protection, wisdom, new beginnings and contacting my Spirit Guides for guidance
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RiverRunsDeep's Avatar
RiverRunsDeep  RiverRunsDeep is offline
Join Date: 02 Apr 2015
Location: h-e-r-e
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Fun question, Hemera!

1. I would have to go with your suggestion of an Aquamarine, especially if it will make the mermaids calm turbulent seas!
2. Clear quartz crystal: it is my all-purpose stone, and I use it frequently for energy work and self-Reiki treatments.
3. Amethyst: my personal favorite! I like to keep this one near my bed for calm sleep and clear dream messages.
4. Rose quartz: such a nurturing and healing stone. It lifts my mood when I'm feeling down.
5. Either Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli: I am likely to bring a tarot deck on my cruise, and one of these stones is likely to accompany the tarot deck to spark my intuition.

ETA: On second thought, I just might substitute a black stone (like obsidian) for the aquamarine. I often need a stone that calms my fears and anxieties, and makes me feel safe, which might come in handy while being on the open waters for a year!
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yannie's Avatar
yannie  yannie is offline
Join Date: 03 Sep 2015
Location: Little red dot
Posts: 678

Love this! & boy, have I been in emergency travel situations where I've sorely missed my stones back home!

Having experienced the importance & wonders of having healthy aura & chakras, I'd pack stones that keep mine balanced and functioning well -

1. Blue (indigo) kyanite to keep my chakras aligned, healed & opened.
2. Bronzite for protection, and to return bad vibes to sender.
3. Black tourmaline for protection, & to deflect bad vibes. Helps with sleep too.
4. Libyan gold tektite for willpower & psychic protection.
5. Moldavite as an all-purpose stone plus amplifier of all of the above. Also, it strengthens my connection with my guides & all that will bring me beneficial experiences - sea spirits & all
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Snowhunter's Avatar
Snowhunter  Snowhunter is offline
Join Date: 01 Dec 2014
Location: US circa 2000 according to brain
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My five crystals I need to have if stuck on a deserted island:

1. Black tourmaline - Because it's one of my favorite crystals, I have so many that I can spell out S.O.S. on the sand.

2. Flint - I'm sure I can figure out how to knap it into sharp tool. Metaphysical AND physical protection!

3. Iron Pyrite - It can be used with flint to start fires, as well as help me remember life-saving tidbits I read from Les Stroud's survival handbook.

4. Howlite skull aka "Scully" - Assuming I'm the lone survivor on the island, I'll need someone to talk to, calm me down, and help me to sleep.

5. Obsidian scrying mirror - I'm vain enough to want to still look good on a deserted island, and maybe I can figure out when I'll be rescued or where to find water.
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Tanga's Avatar
Tanga  Tanga is offline
Aspiring Mystical Crone
Join Date: 11 Nov 2014
Location: Heart of Londinium (London, UK)
Posts: 2,504

Hmm... Had to think - as I wanted my allowance of 5 as well as being favourites/most useful - to suitably double up as markers for the 4 quarter points of a magick circle (so they'd also have to correspond in some way to the four elements).

1) My round pocket Obsidian mirror. For Earth.
I'm rubbish at scrying - but this is the most handy traveling scrying stone I have.
And I love the idea of a magick mirror.
Just begun experimenting with contemplating it - then placing it under my pillow.

Grounds into one's "Earths origins" and the soul's origins on other planets apparently.

Snowhunter - you made me LOL with your comments on yours.

2) My Blue Gold Stone mala. For Air.
It's a man-made stone that I love (and I chose the beads and strung it myself).
It represents Nuit to me - Egyptian Night Sky Deity (Lady that holds back Chaos from the Earth. Dark blue stone with shiny sparkles in it - see?. Like the night sky) and following on from that, reminds me of - my Patron Deity Nun/Naunet, the Primordial waters of chaos.
Linked to my spiritual practice of meditation (I use a bracelet sized one most often) - this stone automatically corresponds to all things spiritual and Deity-like for me.
Hence also airy.

Metaphysics: ?
It's Pyrite, Copper and Hematite in glass...

3) Palm sized piece of Carnelian. For Fire.
Just because I love the colour and pattern of the Carnelian that I have.
It's warming to look at. (and I'm a "always feeling the cold" person).

Carnelian raises mood and creativity, and it's a good "women's problems" stone.

4) Palm sized piece of Tiger Iron. For Water (my piece is set in wiggly lines - that's how I see it as water . Tiger Iron is Tiger's Eye and Hematite mixed together).
This crystal - for mysterious reasons, is wildly pleasing to my eye. Mostly in the last 3 years... Anytime I'm looking at crystals - I end up staring at this.

Reduces stress and sensitivity, shields from taking on other's emotion and protects in danger.

5) Pocket stick of Black Tourmaline - my default for extra protection when feeling vulnerable. Somehow helps me more easily visualise a mirror shield aura.

Protects the aura, acts as a protective shield, transmutes heavy thoughtforms and energy from self and others. Releases fear, brings sense of safety. Enhances ability to stay in the body.
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miro's Avatar
miro  miro is offline
Join Date: 30 Apr 2016
Location: New Mexico
Posts: 7

1. Golden Rutilated Quartz to amplify thoughts/creativity
2. Banded Fluorite for discernment
3. Black Tourmaline for protection/grounding
4. Blue Sodalite for my third eye
5. White Howlite for balance
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Padma's Avatar
Padma  Padma is offline
Star clad
Join Date: 23 Feb 2012
Location: Canada
Posts: 19,976

1. Black tourmaline for grounding
2. Garnets for fierceness and invulnerability
3. Any coloured sapphire, but likely Padparadsha, as the fire of it keeps one energized
4. some green stones - likely Vesuvianite, but maybe prehnite, to soothe my heart
5. Labradorite, for all around protection

Fun question, Hemera! Thanks
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earthair  earthair is offline
Join Date: 30 Oct 2014
Location: Parallel Universe
Posts: 3,076

1. Citrine for healing.
2. Clear quartz ball.
3. Garnet.
4. Hematite to ground me.
5. Diamond (on engagement ring so maybe I can get a sixth?
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