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Please leave a tarot card behind before the purple curtain falls

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The Thirteenth Moon
Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
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Cool HPS!

How can I go and not leave behind the High Priestess? The card of all Tarot Readers, connecting to both secret knowledge and intuition, sharing what's needed when needed. That's what we do, it's what we will always do. We are guides across the abyss, across the desert, able to see by the light of the moon what others cannot and help them on their way.

May the light and wisdom, secret knowledge and psychic powers of this forum, of the High Priestess, be with you all. Illuminating your new paths into the future.
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The Star - Anna K

Like a bright star shining in the darkness, our faith that everything will be ok will light our path. The star is the bright spot on the horizon. The light at the end of the dark tunnel. It symbolises us letting go of the fears and insecurities that arise from our loss. As we leave our safe AT haven, we hope we will find a new place where we can again be ourselves. The star will light our path with love as we boldly and bravely move onto, and settle into, our new places.
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Join Date: 29 Apr 2006
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ana luisa 

For a final farewell, I chose one of the most beautiful cards I know - existence. It is thanks to AT that I came out of solitary reading and started experiencing the fascinating universe of cartomancy and divination. Every star goes to those who read my posts, who contributed to my learning, who criticised me, who gave me support. For the vocal ones, and also the shy. You will always be precious and bright to me. Damn, I'm crying again...
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Join Date: 17 May 2015
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Scarlet Woodland 

I leave you the Druidcraft Tarot's High Priestess... the card that made me fall in love with tarot
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The Lone Crone
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MANY Queen of Swords cards....

I can't pick just one from one deck. The Queen of Swords is my favorite of the Court cards.
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believer in magic
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The Hanged Man - it's shown up consistently for me since I decided to have my leg amputated and it's also my shadow card. I see this as me; I sacrificed a small part of me so that I could gain so much and now I see the world from a slightly different perspective.
The community here helped me through that experience and for that I am eternally grateful
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"and you can't make me..."
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Location: suburb of Seattle, WA, USA
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The Moon.

Trust your instincts. Follow the path that speaks to you. Try to find a balance between the wild side and the domesticated.
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10 of cups

Everyone here is like a family. There are old, young, males, females, white, black, Asian, Latino from different countries across the globe.
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AT i leave with you the 6 of cups......gone but never forgotten.
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Daniloff Fool

I found the Daniloff Tarot just as AT is a matter of fact, it is on its way to me from Alexander now and might just arrive on the 14th...

So, as one journey ends and another with new decks, new cards, and new forums begins, I would like to leave you with the Fool.

May all who read this receive blessings of New Beginnings filled with light, laughter and puppy dogs nipping at your heels
May Universe bless you with excitement, courage and a brave heart as you step into the unknown.
May the Great Mother bestow upon your Tarot Journey a lightness and understanding tempered with humor and compassion.
May the Elemental Divine provide access into the Akashic Realm with sparks of positive intuition.
May you always have healing tea, good books and a warm blanket.
May you always love one another.
May you always love.
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