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Unveiling: "Sol Invictus" - The God Tarot

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Unveiling: "Sol Invictus" - The God Tarot

Hi folks,

After much umming and ahh-ing, and nagging of friends who can set up websites, we have a very basic website showing off teh completed cards of the God Tarot so far.

Go here: to see all the Majors, and some Minors and Courts.

Still to come on the website are brief explanations of each card, information about the deck's concept (and the theory behind it), a better layout, and of course - more cards! Keep checking back as we're completing new cards every day.


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December Fairy 

Wow, hard to pick a favorite. I'll be keeping an eye on the web page.
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These cards are really just so, so gorgeous. I, too, will be watching the website with increasing interest.

I deffinately want to see much, much more.
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truelighth  truelighth is offline
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Thumbs up

Wow, these are great! I just love mythology and tarot together. Great choices there and very interesting. I will sure be following the new cards. Any thoughts of also printing these . I know I would buy them for sure!
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Very nice! There are lots of small details which are fascinating, looks like it will be a fun deck to explore. Very well done, Kiama.

-- Lee
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Ooh Kiama they're good, really good.

The Lovers is awesome.

From the minors I particularly like the 6 of coins, the ace of wands, and the 10 of Swords.

Keep em coming


Sulis xx
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autumn star 

What beautiful artwork

My favourites are the Magician and The Star ... and the Hermit too.

When I read the title of the deck ... I was wondering why it was called that ... but from looking at your website and the artwork, I figured out why!

Congratulations on your beautiful work
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This is very exciting, Kiama!

I have wanted a god oriented deck for a long time...
And this one is really wonderful!

I am in awe!

I especially like both the Masters of Wands and Swords...your partner has done incredible work here...
(St. Nick as the 6 of pents...Brilliant!)

I eagerly anticipate the full deck!

You both should be very very proud!

I do hope that a big publisher shows interest in this!
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WOW that's a really good concept and equally good execution! i love how, in cards like the master of swords, the "east meets west" concept blends so well.
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This is a nice universal "Seeker's Tarot"....

and if we believe that we all search for similar goals in having loving connections with "friends, family, fulfillment, and faith," and are striving for harmony with the surrounding environment as well...I like seeing these reflections and aspects that the authors/artists show us.


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