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CBD Tarot de Marseille - new Conver restoration

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I have received my CBD deck now - it's my first TdM and I love it. I didn't read with it yet, I'm getting to know it. I bought Yoav's book (Kindle edition) and love it even more than the deck. I'm a very visually oriented person and have always worked with the images - only lately have I dipped my cautious toes in the very deep waters of the Kabbalah and other esoteric teachings - and my personal reading style is only just evolving.

I love Yoav's explanations which give full credit to the artwork and the composition of the picture that every spread paints.

I also love the explanation of the process of a reading, and the attention he gives to details. I have found nothing similar in other books. Well, every book has its strong points. But I feel that Yoav's book provides a lot of information and inspiration not only for TdM readers but for others as well. What he says about absorbing the picture and taking note of relationships, looks, movements, symbols, proportions, positions, compositions etc is just as true for readings with other decks.

Maybe I'm premature in writing this - I'm still only half way through the book and have until now only looked at the cards. The color scheme is basic and beautiful, only the light blue stands out as pastel. I immediately noticed that the wreath surrounding World and the backbone of Death have visual similarity - and many other details that make me curious to work with it.

I have no other TdM to compare this one with but for me, it's perfect. The card stock is lovely, the pictures clear and beautiful, and from the way Yoav described the process of their production, it is obvious that every pen stroke and every shape are the result of meticulous research and thought.

I hope to return to this thread once I'm further in my relationship with this deck.

And I recommend the book for every reader who wants to find his own voice.
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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
You probably know that Ben Dov studied under Jodorowsky. That probably influenced the book. It's very good, but not really my style of reading. I love the deck, however.
I like the book, but perfer the Jodo-Camoin deck as I like the lighter colours. Ben-Dov has indeed written an already classic Tarot book. I wish he was still here. I like A. Jodorowsky as well.

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