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The Tarot by Alfred Douglas

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The Tarot by Alfred Douglas

I finally got hold of this book. for 45 cents! (of course shipping was $10!!). What an amazing little book. Mr. Douglas analysis of the history of Tarot is one of the best and most concise I have ever read. I'm just reading the Major Arcana now and even though I now use the Thoth deck, this description of the RWS deck is utterly fascinating. Get your hands on it if you can. It's been out of print for a while.

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I bought that one some years ago and read it the same day I bought it. Maybe I should re-read it again.
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I thought this great little book was actually back in print?!?

It is one of those great little treasures well worth the diminutive expense - and half-readily found in second-hand bookstores.

Alfred Douglas has also written, again for Penguin, an equivalent little book, again with great insight, on the I Ching.

I would certainly recommend both to anyone - though of course some of the contents are beginning to be a little dated given some of the published research which has come out since the book was first written in the early 1970s (if I remember correctly).
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My first tarot book

I was given this book about 15 yrs ago from a old friend.

The pic are in black and white but it's a good read. I think it must of been a good book at the time as it still grabs me.
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My mother-in-law gave me her old and tattered copy that she bought second hand many many moons ago.

I have also bought it second hand at the beginning of the year.

I too think it is in print??!

Maybe I should get my copy out and look through it again.

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I have recently heard that Alfred Douglas's book is due to be back in print (not with penguin)!
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Alfred Douglas 
'The Tarot' by Alfred Douglas

We have just republished this book under our Sheridan Douglas imprint.

Penguin kept it in print for over twenty years, from 1973 to the mid-nineties. Last year we republished the Sheridan Douglas Tarot deck, then retrieved the English language rights from Penguin to get the book back into print as well.

The new books arrived from the printers last Friday, in fact, and we are very pleased with the result - clear, crisp print and drawings on smooth white paper and an attractive cover in full colour.

I have made minor corrections and amendments to the text, but it remains substantially as it was.

I am now working on a completely new book on the Tarot, which should be available next year.

Attached Images
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And I have a copy of the reprint (autographed ) and recommend it MOST highly - it is every bit as good as the original with only the one bit I used to take issue with removed: "where to buy decks." It frustrated me terribly; it didn't have my fave people and had wrong info for many others - an impossible section to keep up to date, and I am glad it's gone ! But now I can have a copy here and in Canada ! GREAT; it is my prime reference book.
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It's a wonderful book.
It has so much more in it than the average tarot book.

And it's nice that's it's a good big size. makes the pictues nice and crisp, and the writing easy to read.
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It looks fantastic, Alfred. I'm very much looking forward to receiving my copy
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