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thankyou spread?

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thankyou spread?

this might be a bit long-winded, but i'll try to be quick. what it is, my mum doesn't approve of witchcraft at all, however i consider myself a witch. the thing is, (and this is where i know i'm going to raise a few eyebrows) because of my mum, i find it impossible to perform spells. The only way I have a link with the God and Goddess is through the Tarot. So, I was wondering if anybody knew of a spread I could do so I could thank the God and Goddess?

It sounds weird, but I'm hoping that maybe you can help.

Blessed be,

Laura. xx
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Would you consider a ritual?

For instance, when you've done a spread just hold the cards in your hands and send a silent thankyou to the god and godess for giving you insights, then touch the deck to your third eye before putting it away.

It's hardly a spell, and I'm guessing you are doing this out of sight from your mother though even if she were to walk in on you she would have heard no words being said and you could just "be clearing your head" or thinking about rearranging your bookcase if she asks about the touching of your forhead.
People scratch their forhead or temples more often than not when thinking about things..
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Re: thankyou spread?

Originally posted by rainbowfaerie
i find it impossible to perform spells.
Do you mean you find it impossible to perform any spells (tarot excepted) at all, no matter where you are because of your mum, or that you just can't perform spells in the house? Because Pagan spellcraft can be incredibly subtle. Many a pagan would've been burned at the stake otherwise. Witches devised spells using common kitchen items for example (Knife/air, spoon or broom/fire, cup/water, plate/earth).

If it's not "impossible" to do spells, just to be open about them, then here's some things you can do, including a "spell" with tarot:

1) Turn your dresser or dressing table into a small altar--but what you're going to put out on that altar will not be seen as "altarish" by your mum at all. You can find everything you need in your room, I'm betting.
a) Representation of Air--a pen. Yep. A nice fountain pen. Or a feather.
b) Representation of Fire--box of matches or an artful stick of wood--maybe a chopstick? (wand).
c) Representation of water--a cup or souveneer shot glass.
d) Representation of earth--a pretty polished stone.

Alternately, you could just find four pretty stones, yellow (air), red (fire), blue (water), black (earth) OR--and this is really get four pictures, one for each wall. Nature pictures. To the East, an image of soaring birds, to the South, an image of the fiery sun or a candle/campfire, to the West, an image of waterfalls or ocean, to the North, an image of beautiful rocks or mountains.

Now the whole room is your altar.

As for the God and Goddess--Pretty male/female figurines that you've always liked, or twin candles, or pictures of famous people (can change monthly) or just set down your tarot cards: Emperor/Empress, or Magician/High Priestess--whatever images work for what you're trying to do. In short, anything you have around your room which suggests an element can stand for that element--you don't need Knife and Wand, Cauldron and Pentagram. Which brings us to,

2) Traveling Altar: If you really can't do any spellcraft in the house, you can create a traveling altar. Four small (stones), or common items (like that pen/matches), a little candle, your tarot deck and a pretty scarf on which to set them. Put it in a carrying bag and you're set to go. Now you can do a ritual just about anywhere. Go out, lay down the scarf, set out the items, light the candle.

3) "Thank You" spread:


Seperate Majors from Minors, and pull out the Aces as well. Put down each of the Aces as the four elements (sword/air, wand/fire, cup/water, disk/earth). As you do so, call upon each direction (casting the circle) to be with you. Set your male/female pair (Magican/HP, for example) in the center, calling on God/Goddess to be with you as well.

*Tell them you called on them to Thank them--and thank them. When you're done with that, you can do one of TWO things. First: Active Thanks:
*Shuffle *just* the minors. To show your thanks you will do four things to actively better your life and the world. So you ask them, "What might I do this month (i.e., till the next full moon or dark moon--whenever you've done this ritual) to better myself and the world and show thanks?"
*Lay out the minors 1-4--interpet them in relation to one or both of the elements they're near. For example, 5/pentacles between air/fire might suggest that you need to talk to those who are spiritually berift--or perhaps you, yourself, need to replentish the empty pantry of passion and communication. If 5/pent were between earth/water, you might need to show affection and, well, hugs to those in need (or yourself). If you don't quite understand, keep the card in mind and just wait; what you need to do will come clear/reveal itself later this month.

These are the things the God/Goddess would have you do, for yourself, for others, for the world, to thank them this week. Think on them, act on them. They are "active" thanks.

Alternately: Passive Thanks:
*Shuffle *just* the majors. In this, you ask the God/Goddess to show you ways you can mystically and psychically do better in order to connect with them and the powers of the universe--and so thank them.
*Lay out the majors 1-4--interpet them in relation to one or both of the elements they're near. These are the cards and things you are to mediate on, dream upon, investagate till the next full (?) moon. The Fool, for example, between Air/Fire might make you think on how children talk, their passion, as compared to adults. So spend the month trying to think/talk like a child, trying to have childhood dreams, trying to think that way again--as well as just meditating on the Fool, on his symbols, etc.

Best of luck, and Bless'd be!
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One last thing!

One last thing--for more help, you might want to check out this website. It'll give you some great ideas and insights and connections:
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