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Names of angels and their meanings

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According to whom is there 'supposed' to be 613^2 angels???!!!???

The number of angelic beings, even if symbolically discussed, is not to be taken literally.

In any case, the number of angels is normally taken to be immeasurable and innumerable, rather than the relatively small number suggested by 375 769.

With regards to the listing of the Archangels, elements, and directions, there are no 'fixed' lists. Also, an Archangelic being, I would suggest, transcends an element and cardinal direction (despite its usage as such by some individuals - and usage that at any rate is at variance with other suggestions).
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Talking Dissagreements

No no no there are an infinite number but only that number manifest. The archangels are superior and cannot be atributed to normal things, but as a matter of perception they choose to limit themselves while manifesting in the mortal world, so they choose one element, one action, and one direction, and those are the ones they are known for.
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Originally Posted by jmd
... so here are the other three with the first, and the trick is to now ensure that the other three somehow fit in with references to the first:

Makin, Jaamiath, Haouzai and Makac Maraiah
I have a few Angel books and came across Haamiah today. I'm wondering, could this be Jaamiath?

This is what A Dictionary of Angels says:

Haamiah - an angel of the order of powers. Haamiah dominates religious cults and "protects all those who seek truth". His corresponding angel (in the Cabala) is Serucuth.

Any good to you?
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Also, LEE IRWIN, in his book, GNOSTIC TAROT, associates the Aces to four archangels; Michael, The Sword of God, Avenger of Heaven; Raphael, Water of God, or Healer of God; Gabriel, Messanger of God, Revelation, (Fire or Wisdom), also The Left Hand of God; Uriel (or Phanuel, The Face of God), Sound of God, Driver Away of Darkness, master scientist/alchemist (Earth).

I beleive the Talmud also teaches these are the four archangels who may protect you during sleep, Michael at your head, Gabriel and Raphael at the left and right of you, Uriel at your feet, protecting the observant from demons, the susccubus and incubus, while your soul is "unguarded".
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My Talmudic reading is rather incomplete, and from years past - but do not recall such a mention from the Talmud at all.

There is a prayer of protection that suggests to place these archangels to the front and the left, the right and behind - with the Shekinah above one's head, but thought that the source of this was not directly Talmudic, but rather infered from a passage in the Tanakh (Old Testament).
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Prayers to Guardian Angels for me raised Catholic, came from The Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews Chapter 1
..are they not all ministering spirits, sent for the assistance of those who are to inherit salvation?
and the prayer is -
Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom His love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

The Book of Daniel is the only place in the Old Testament, that I can recall that names the Angels. There is Jacob's Ladder first mentioned in Genesis- who talks about angels going up and down the ladder. I had many Holy Pictures with the angels on the Ladder- but none were named. ~Rosanne
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These two sites are helpful with names:

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