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Elemental Dignities

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Elemental Dignities

I'm looking for books that have more than a passing reference on the use of Elemental Dignities. Most of all I have been looking for information about the original writings of MacGregor Mathers on this topic.


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From: Elemental Dignities - Aeclectic Tarot Forum
Originally Posted by Teheuti
From Book T:
"If these cards are of a contrary element to the card itself, they very much weaken and neutralize its force, but if the contrary element is only in one card, and the other if of a connecting nature, it does not much matter."

There's more in the text which I can't look up right now. To really understand Mathers' intent for this system it pays to copy out each instruction from his examples - where he often gives more details than in the tabulated material. Also, it's absolutely essential to lay out his examples with your own deck and to follow them specifically to really get what he means. There is far more information in the examples then you would possibly imagine. The point is to learn by following the examples where much that is unclear elsewhere becomes quite clear and specific.
Though I prefer a system I discovered:
Aeclectic Tarot Forum "Elemental Dignities & Exaltations"

Best Wishes!
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Tarot Decoded by Elizabeth Hazel
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Most writings on Elemental Dignities do not exactly follow Mathers' instructions. For instance, they often stress 'the missing suit' in triads, which Mathers never did. You can read his original essay in various editions of Regardie's _Complete Golden Dawn_ or in Robert Wang's _Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tarot_.

The best way to understand how it works is to actually lay out the cards from Mathers' examples and follow his analysis closely. I've summarized what he did in my book, _21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card_. Paul Hughes-Barlow has an excellent tutorial on his website, although he doesn't always follow Mathers (and doesn't warn you when he has deviated). Liz Hazel's book is also excellent, with the same caveat.

BTW, you certainly don't have to do ED's exactly like Mathers, but I think it is worth understanding when you are choosing to do something differently.

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Thanks for the reply Mary. It was a neat reminder of how far a jouney can take you in a short time. Since that post EDs have become a passion (obsession) of mine. I actually have an article about them coming out in the July 2007 ATA Quarterly.

I agree most of what is written changes what Mathers said. I am still not sure if this is a good thing.

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