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tarot card shops in mumbai

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tarot card shops in mumbai

does anyone know some good tarot cards shop in mumbai(not crossword)
pls reply
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I wasn't able to find any shops but there are websites for meetups

perhaps they can offer more advice on this and be able to give some details of where to purchase the decks. I did find one site and the lady there used Osho Zen so I am pressuming they are purchased from a large online marketplace via import.
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Hey Zameer,

I'm so happy to see another Indian around. Inspite of Tarot's widespread in India I have so far come across only four, including me, on this forum.

I'm not form Mumbai so won't be able to suggest any shops here. You can check with a-shikhs, a member of this forum. She has decks she trades from time to time on tarot trading forum.
There is also an Indian website,, you can check with Swati Prakash owner of tarotindia. She is from Mumbai and may be able to help you.
I usually get my decks from US whenever some of my friends are coming down. I place the order online and get it shipped to their US address and they bring my decks to India.
Another option is to check with bookshops if they can order for you. Odessey did that for me once. They have tie ups with the big publishers and they can get the deck but you don't get discounts on them.

Good Luck!!!

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Hi Zameer,
I usually buy my decks abroad. But there is this bookshop called Ensign in the suburbs and he has a good collection of Doreen Virtue decks and sometimes a few tarot decks, if you're lucky. You can check that place as it is the only bookshop that knows the meaning of tarot decks here in Mumbai. lol..

edited to add: You can even check the Trading forum here as its very good. I have traded and got loads of great decks here.
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