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Faeries Oracle ... aah, what a disappointment

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Cool i'm thinking...

Maybe its possible that before you actually sit down with the deck, you should try and connect with the faeries thenselves.. maybe please them a bit... put some milk and honey out for them or mentally invite them to be with you and help you... and last but not the least, why dont you try and sleep with your deck, thats one way to connect with any deck!!!

Or perhaps, clear the negative energy from your deck by smudging or whatever method you use !

Just a suggestion or perhaps I'm just thinking aloud!!

May the faeries be with you
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What we like, what we want to work with, is all different for each of us. So, no don't beat yourself up Dwaas.

The thing that struck me is that while initially you liked it so much online... you have now such a different reaction... And, internally, you do seem to wish to work with this deck.

My advice? Go to the Woods, or into your bedroom. Take your deck and literally throw it around (either on your bed, or on a picknick blanket)... see which faeries pop up! =) Dance with them, sing with them... Treat them as archetypes of wonder, joy and healing. See how how you relate to them then...

I notice that if I draw a Daily Card... Just the Question: "What Faerie dances with me today?" gives me a smile upon my face. Them being there, is a reason and a reminder for me to a little bit more lighthearted... A welcome change from my normal Queen of Swordy routine...

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You may be right ! Where do I start ? I just do not know what literature to buy ? You must admit that the beguiling picture of the faerie on the box does not portray the content of the cards. I also had looked long and hard before I received the Oracle.
Maybe there is another Oracle that would be more appealing for me to use. In any case, being ignorant of something has never been my idea of living so if you would be so kind as to advise me where to start, I will pursue my education about"faeries"...memries
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oh wow, Dwaas...

This experience sounds identical to the one I had with the Gilded tarot.(for which I am now happy I didn't buy!)

M'Afraid I can't really help with the Faeries though....

I guess the whole Faerie thing, for me anyway, came from my childhood..."seeing" and talking with them for so long...that the deck was just another way to communicate with something I was already connected to.

Someday, you may feel a connection to this deck, and then it will likely find it's way back to you.

But I think just connecting with the idea of the faerie folk...without the book, and without the cards...but just in an everyday personal sort of way is what would have to happen first.

Of course...that's not an easy thing to do, neccessarily...

in fact, I wish I had some practical logical advice to see faeries...but that part of my brain is shut and locked at the moment....

Don't feel bad about it, though.

Accept it, and move on.

If you want this deck at any time again in the future...there are certainly enough copies of it around!
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Not every imagery is for everyone - and likewise, you never really know what you are going to like, what will speak to you, until you give it a try. I never thought I'd enjoy the faeries - I bought them on impulse, thinking I could always give them away, so many fans out there! But they came at the right time in my life and I enjoy them very much. Some cards I find too busy for the size of the card - they would look better on large canvas - but they are still enjoyable and speak with clear eloquent voices. I love the Singers, and see and "hear" new things in them all the time. I formed an enduring relationship with Tobaira of the Waters, because she helped me through a difficult time physically and mentally.

But I can understand why some might just not get it. There are some decks people rave about and leave me cold. A lot of people like the Doreen Virtue decks, while I think they are shlock.

Moongold's suggestion is good, however - find out about the ancient folklore of the fae. It's very enriching. At worst you will know something you didn't before
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Where is Frankie Albano?
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Thanks all for responding so wonderful and honest!

I still have the deck and that is a miracle an sich haha. No serious, what I have decided is that I will work a bit more with my Fey tarot, to get in the fearie mood and after maybe two weeks I will try again with the Froud Faeries. The Fey do speak well to me but I also hesitated a bit when I got that deck because I thought I was not into such "whimsical" things like that. And do I love them!!
Of course it is true that a deck can simply not appeal because of personal taste, but it is not like that, I like the art very much! But when I pick up my Fey deck it already starts humming happily, ready to play, while the Faeries seem to have decided to shut up whatever happens. So I will leave them a bit and see if they feel lonely in a week or two.
Meanwhile it does not hurt indeed to study some more on the ancient folklore of faeries and perhaps that also opens doors.

If in the end this all doesn't work out between the Faeries and me, I can always use the cards for illustrations in my notebooks or have them glued on poster-like paper for in my studyroom. Or maybe someone else will be happy to trade them with me. I will definitely let you know what will happen.
Thanks again!
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I came across this thread because I'm having the same issue...the lovely cards are there beckoning and when I first tried to read the book...I couldn't connect and now the cards are wanting me to pick them up...sigh..want to so badly but can't bring myself yet..

daily card sounds like a great idea and let me know if it works for you..thinking of doing that myself so I can invite the fairies in my life too.
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Golden Silvery Dionna
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It took me a long time to buy the cards as almost as long again to start using them. I tend to be swords person.
What finally got me into them was doing the reading exchange using them. It seems that when it was for someone else, then I could hear their message. Still unable to read for self using them.
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Join Date: 17 Aug 2004
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Broke the cards out..and did two readings with them for myself and one for another...the Fairies were laughing at me but they were very spot on readings.
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Originally Posted by bladeraven
Broke the cards out..and did two readings with them for myself and one for another...the Fairies were laughing at me but they were very spot on readings.
ahem.....yep.....laughin' I bet! Did they tell you also that the Faerie Seekers like new members to join in the dancing? Did they also tell you that dancing with them helps keep those extra inches off from all the strawberries and creme one devours in a day? That is...inches that are still there after birth....

Seriously though, hope that some of you will pop in and join us Seekers....bring your dancing shoes too!

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