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Originally Posted by Bernice
I think Kenji has scans of them on his site - can't find the url at the moment. I'll post it if I find it, unless someone else gets here first.
Thanks, but I was hoping to have a hardcopy of the images in some form in case I can't get my hands on the deck. The books I have seen only have the border-less images.

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Found the url but the site is gone now.

Try here. Scroll down to see all 22;

And here. Claimed to be the original images, not the more recent publications, i.e:
All 22 cards of the 1926 edition of the original deck reproduced. Compare them to the so-called "Oswald Wirth Tarot deck" [posthumous] published by AGMuller and U.S. Games -- and feel the difference!

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Ow 1926

Hi folks,
I have an original Wirth deck from 1926. The backs are plain pale blue.
You can have a look here -
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Hi All,

I recieved a pack of these and I quite like them. These are about the same height as the US Games deck, but a tad bit wider. I'm not sure what the cardstock is made from, but it is firm and has a satin like finish. In fact they may have no finish at all, as I can't quite figure out how the manufactuer produced such a smooth surface without any type of gloss finish. The ink looks like it is part of the paper/plastic and not stamped on. I can't find a single flaw in any of the cards. I worked for years in a box factory making all kinds of paper products and I can only assume this deck was printed on very state of the art ICT equipment. Maybe the material used for this pack is a type of photo paper, I don't know.

The card backgrounds are a metallic gold just like ABRAC has said and the other colours used are muted, so the deck has a 3d effect. The shadings and tints are lovely in this pack and it really gives this deck an expensive art lithograph feel. This deck contains the original hairstyles and facial expressions Oswald Wirth intended unlike the US Games deck (Which I will always love) which shows has changed these to reflect another artistic revision of this classic deck. I love seeing his signature on the cards.

May I be honest here? I would only suggest that someone who really considers the Wirth Pack to be 'The One' for them (like myself) to purchase this deck. Unless you want it for a collectable, live in France (still expensive for only major arcana) or are rich and price doesn't matter lol... I live in England right next door to France and talk about expensive postage... I say this, because I can imagine some of the good folks from here paying good money for this and feeling quite deflated (in my humble opinion, I could be wrong), because it is kind of niche deck so to speak.

I love the detail of this deck, but it is really preaching to the choir here, because Tarot of the Magicians is my absolute favourite Tarot book, this deck is my favourite deck and Oswald Wirth is my favourite Tarot author lol.. It is like a Beatles fan aquiring an autographed copy of SGT Pepper, I'll treasure it always. I feel blessed to have aquired them.

I agree Gregory they are indeed very beautiful!

Thanks to all who gave encouraging comments concerning this deck, I am thankful to you all.

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Queen of Pentacle 
The deck is still avalaible here... :)

As some requested info about the Oswald Wirth tarot,
tje one aterpainted by himself, very delicate face, light blush on chech... and adorned with art nouveau partenr golden ink back, it is still avalaible in Quebec.

It is published by Edition de l'Aigle (from 2001) and still avalaible at some large librairies, like Renaud-Bray. The cost is $20 plus shipping.

Here's the link,

Being made by Wirth himself according to his system, is a major only deck.

Some pic here
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I've just edited the link in my previous post above, to scans from a genuine 1926 example of this deck, complete with Oswald's hand written signature inside the slip-case.
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