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How to work with Soul Cards?

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Originally Posted by Citrin View Post
Hi there lovely people!

I got purchased Soul Cards 2 a while back and I really adore the art and how they feel so "naked", but at the same time I'm a bit stumped at how to use the cards! How do you guys mainly use them?

Anyone who pairs them with a tarot deck?

I guess they're not that good for divination so I avoid asking specific questions... Any suggestions for more fitting questions? Or any spreads you like to use with these?

Thanks in advance!

I have used these cards(deck 1&2) extensively since I have got them and have done a ton of readings for ppl here on A.T.(you can look at my thread history if your interested). I think that that do fabulously with my Victorian Wisdom oracle but do not think I have used them with my tarot decks if I remember correctly, maybe I remember it with my Golden Tarot by Kat Black deck but it was the main while SC was the secondary deck. It's funny because they are very different decks yet pull off quite a friendship when reading together(Victorian oracle and SC)! Totally a case of opposites attract but they do both have spiritual vibes, even though the spiritual vibes are also quite different. Who knows maybe if the creators of these two decks met they might find a lot of similarity!

I love this deck because it relies hardcore on personal interpretation and intuition AND you definitely need to have a creative side if you plan to get into this deck. But really even though they do not come with any interpretation I feel like they can in more ways than not still be used as a traditional oracle. If you read the small book that comes with it I think Koff-Chapin actually packs it with GREAT information that will help you have a relationship with the cards and has helped me very much in my intensive deck study with these cards, which I found ARE VERY INTENSE AND DEEP(I have a post on that too). My advice would be look at some of the practices she suggest in the book as these are very generic but give an excellent platform only you and the card to explore the depths of meaning they can relay. Do this with like 2-4 cards and journal your experiences, keep it short for now, then proceed on if you so feel inclined to explore this amazing deck! Good luck! This is beloved oracles and hope you come to find them brilliant as I do!

On the subject of spreads and questions I find they do the best with spreads and questions that explore the depths of the reader or person being read for, like self exploration,help, knowledge, insight and wisdom, therapy(or you will need therapy once this deck is done with you LOLOLOLOL...ahem, sorry) and work best if first the reader knows the self to a well enough extant and knows a little about the human experience from a personal standpoint. That is my personal opinion anyway, I think a deck can adapt to a reader regardless in all sorts of ways. also i feel this is defiantly not a deck for big readings at all, since you can get so much from just a small amount of cards. I found if I do big readings with this is deck then I should be planning to just do a story line type of reading or a general quick overview and insight, not for deep things, unless you think you can handle that sort of thing, but if you use them enough you will find out your own limits with your deck that has been attuned energetically to your person.

hope this helps, will be glad to talk more about them here or in PM if you like, blessings
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