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Help with crystal information and illness

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Question Help with crystal information and illness

I was wondering if someone can give me any additional information.
My uncle suffers from crohnís disease and he has been one of those patients that have had the worst and horrific things possible to happen, drugs donít help and he is in constant pain doesnít ever sleep more than an hour. Our family has no knowledge about spiritual world we have had many people tell us someone cursed him or put a hex on him which has lead a few family members to think a particular situation as an indication that something happened. The day after his wedding there was a black cloth found in his mail box and they just threw it away and four months later her was diagnosed with crohnís. 20 years later he is still suffering every day. I am older now and I am constantly finding new and different approaches to help him and I bought him a few crystals. The black tourmaline for negative energy and yellow jasper for his crohnís specficly. He held them both after we cleansed them in sea salt and he meditated with them. That night he was throwing up all night and was incredibly sick, and then the next day when he was praying he held them and all day at work he was throwing up and had to come home. Throwing up isnít a symptom of his disease and rarely ever has happened to him. When he got ride of the crystals he immediately started feeling better.

I was hoping someone could give me more information on crystals, why this happened to him, and possibly other things we could try. Even simple things we could do to remove any hex/ evil eye put on him.
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Hemera  Hemera is offline
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Crohn's is a tough disease and Iīm sorry for your uncle. Iīm sure he has had to suffer a lot..
I know someone who has that disease and the only thing that helped him considerably was the "talking cure" (=years of counselling).

Somehow I believe healing comes from the inside and not from the outside. I believe, like Jung said , that all diseases come from the inside to some extent. Lots of people may get a flu virus, for example, but only some of them get the actual flu. Also healing comes from within. Somehow our psyche is just so powerful. Maybe there is such a thing as "a hex" or "the evil eye" in existence that comes from the outside, from the evil thoughts and intents of some others. But also in that case I strongly believe the thing is to strengthen the inside, your soul.
Just my 2c...

As to crystals.. You know him well enough to know what his issues could be. Maybe there was something in his childhood that still bothers him? Maybe his relationships with his mother or father? Something like that? Sorrow over a loss perhaps? And then you could choose stones that help him address or mourn some of those things.
Maybe you could give him a selection of crystals to choose from and meditate with. He could then pick the ones that speak to him.
I think many crystals that are easily available might be useful: rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, for example.
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I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. Crohn's disease can be brutal.

I agree with Hemera, some of the easily available stones would be useful. Personally, I like to use clear quartz as an all-purpose healing crystal.

Also, because the intestines are located in the lower abdomen, they are associated with the sacral chakra and the color orange. So an orange colored stone, such as carnelian, might be helpful.
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Sorry to hear about that. I know lots of ppl with Chrohns and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Have you tried Reiki, acupuncture, holistic medicine?
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