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Sweet Twilight - Strength

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Different languages give space to different nuances.
Not all concepts may be translated directly.
(there was once the psychological theory that language framed all the coinceiviable concept. So... if your language does not have the word for it, you are anable to perceive the nuance. Luckily it was later proved wrong, even if there is necessarely an influence).

No, I hadn't seen the thread.

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Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
One of my preferred Strength, as well.

It's just that our concept of what Strength is, is moving toward a concept of "harmony" from a concept of "power".
Completely agreed. Woman of HARMONY we see on the back ground of the card. Woman with two bowls. It is the Temperance. It is ability to keep the balance between spiritual and material.
Yoda made in the form of Japanese paper art - Origami. Origami is the form of individual self-expression of the person. When the person shows his or her own real face, and abilities differ him from others, that helps him become separate from the total crowd and at the same time to feel ones own belonging whole society. Origami is an element of wholeness of human's nature. Since the basic condition Origami is a cohered list of paper from which person can create something. Sheet of paper - this is double-sided surface that is well kept coherent form. Origami tends not to lose a wholeness, having it initially.

The main purpose of this card is ability not to loose ones real face and keep inner balance - not to be too aggressive and, at the same time, not to be too weak. At the core of the WHOLE there is the ONE.

Woman in front of us taking her mask out. She should meet with lion with her real face. Openly meet the danger.

Who of us when ever been scared of dogs or wild animals?
Any face you put on yourself will not help you if you meet with this animal. People say that animals are able to understand what humans feel. If they feel you are not scared them they loose any interest to you, but if you show them you are play with them or feel fear they will try to put the situation under their control and take a strength over humans.
To get control over the force, this must be hard and long to learn.
This is a subconscious connection.
It is energy field of communication created by all living creatures, which surrounds and permeates all living things and combines the galaxy.

This is the base of Jedi practise, who learnt to control and behave with their Strength. Attaining strength and ability to manage it brought them their special power. They used their Strength only for for self-defense, but not for attack.

Base of Jedi philosophy consists of three points:

1. Control (manipulation of the internal strength of the subject);
2. Sense (as defined manifestations of strength in the external world);
3. Change (impact on the objects with the Strength).

Use one of the three techniques, or any combination allows multiple actions with the Force. Wielding force can have the ability of telekinesis, hypnosis, the emission of lightning.
Strength is unlimited, multi-dimensional and absolute, and the Jedi - only on the way to the largest union with her. And even after the merger with the Strength, an endless path of the Jedi continues.
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Alan Ross 

Originally Posted by RiccardoLS
One of my preferred Strength, as well.

The Lady does not tame the Lion, but she shows herself. I can see no fear, no pain, no fight, no conflict, no demands, nothing but "being yourself".
And the Yoda totally dominates the scene.
"Strength looks with love into the eyes of what she fears, knowing that is the way to find her true self."

I love this strength card. To me, this card is about facing your fears with courage, honesty, and integrity. The woman doesn't cower behind her mask, but stands openly before the fierce lion with love and compassion in her heart.

Too often, when we are fearful, we respond by closing ourselves off and hiding behind various masks - deceit, anger, blame, avoidance and so on. This usually has the effect of giving our fears even more power over us. When we face our fears openly and with perfect acceptance, those fears lose their hold on us and we also learn what we are truly made of.

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Sometimes I think how Strength has been one of the cards that most changed ( I think for the best) in time.
It used to be quite straightforward, you know: "muscle".
Then it moved to be "virtue", like "might makes right", or rather "right makes might". But in later decks I think our world has really felt the necessity to change what we think Strength is and Strength should be.

So we have many new decks that seek to express a different kind of Strength. It's like we are really starting to believe that real Strength is something different from what it is usually considered.
Strength is today facing one own fears, is honesty, is believing in oneself, is harmony within the conflicts we touch, it is inner peace, it is loving your enemy, and letting him loving you.
I believe this is something important and far larger than this single deck.
I like the fact - in any deck - that Srength does does not anymore portray a winner and a loser, a right and a wrong.
It feels different.
More complicated, but truer.

(imho: another card that changed a lot is Death)
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enchanted spirit 

I just read this:


The Sweet Twilight is blowing my mind!
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