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The Fool's journey

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Smile The Fool's journey

Hi, I have been reading for 22 years and believe it or not I'm just now allowing myself to really express all the knowledge I have to offer. I ocassionaly do readings, mostly for friends, but would like to start getting out there, I've been hiding all that I have for too long, and feel like the tower has cleared enough junk out of my life to be bring these new feelings to life. I was wondering if you guys would be interested on this plan: to start a thread in which we all put our little bit of knowledge, starting with the Fool, and going up the major arcana, and who knows?, maybe we could do it for the minor too...
I wanted to put in words what the fool represents to me, or what my intuition tells me about him. Here it goes: New beginnings. Us entering a new area of our lives which we have no knowledge about it, maybe a new project, new idea, something new, that in many way makes us feel exhilarated. I find this card very controversial, in a way is a very light-hearted symbol, luring us with its relaxed mood, but it could also be a warning to "be careful and think this new idea twice before we dive into it. There could be a soft place to fall or there could be a hard reality to face. Do a little research about this new aspect of your life, even when there are positive cards sorrounding, it wouldn't hurt to double check things, just in case we overlook something. Ok. if you read this till the end I hope you want to share your opinion about the fool and in that way we all benefit, sharing what we are within. Love.
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Oh, ok, I'll give you my take on The Fool. For me it's not about beginnings, but about a certain mindset.
For me The Fool represents Innocence (or ignorance, if negatively aspected). The Fool is unconsciously innocent - he doesn't know about good or bad, not about himself* etc.
He doesn't care about what others think of him. He might be reckless.
It always depends on the surroundings, of course.

*(A bit like Parcival, who took on a quest in a rediculous dress, so that everybody who saw him had to laugh, and Parcival was very pleased about happy people everywhere.)
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Golden Silvery Dionna

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That sounds great oraclearcane. It is always good to get fresh look at the cards I think it has been a long time since we went card by card through the RWS.

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Water Lady 

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OH, Thank you this is just what I need. I thought I had missed our on all the studies as everyone seems already to know....
Is this what we feel and what we get from the reading too?
The Fool to me is innocent, unaware, beginning his 'learning'. A bravery seem to be part of him as well.
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Heh, yea, I also had the (probably wrong) impression that all the discussing at this board was done by ghosts; there are so many interesting old threads full of posts by people who seem to have left the AT forum...

So it needs the Fool's energy to start again and take the leap.

Oraclearcane did it.
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I tend to be an optimistic, can-do person who believes that the universe will provide, and this probably colors my view of the Fool.

For me the Fool represents someone who is starting out on a venture believing he or she can do it because NO ONE EVER TOLD HIM OR HER THEY COULDN'T -- so yes, that kind of innocence. And, indeed, although the Fool's journey is challenging, the Fool comes out alright in the end. Maybe not the first time out, but by perservering and going back again, because the Fool doesn't know how to give up, the Fool makes it through.

The Fool has everything he or she need in his or her pack, but the Fool needs to learn to use and respect the tools there. Also, although consciously the Fool might not recognize the need to tread cautiously at times, he or she has their little dog (instinct) to scout ahead for obstacles, to keep at the Fool's side, leaping and barking with shared joy and encouragement, and to jump in front of the Fool to keep him or her from diving head-first off a cliff the Fool doesn't notice.

To the outside observer, the Fool, with what can look like childish and sometimes blind enthusiasm, a little kerchief of "stuff," and a yippy little dog, can look very Foolish. However, the Fool's way is actually an enlightened one when you consider how much baggage most of us let keep us from walking out the door and into the wide world with a child-like joy and confidence that we can do it and, well, the universe will provide.
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Tarotdivine  Tarotdivine is offline
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The fool to me indicates - new beginnings, spontaneity, innocence, high potential, new unknown journey, opportunities, leap of faith, carefree attitude
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there's something else that i associate with the fool:


that first reckless, intoxicating love, where the entire world looks brighter, full of myriad possibilities... your step seems lighter, and anything seems not only possible, but right there, within your grasp!
sometimes i see him* on a quest for his true love, and his head is up in the clouds with it - but at the same time, this innocence and distraction is his strength; because sometimes, simple faith (love!) is all you need to carry you through to the end.

*(or her!)
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Le Mat
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Le Mat

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Just to clarify the OP. Is 'The Fool's Journey' supposed to be a compendium of the divinatory meanings for the Fool? Or is it what the Fool is supposed to represent as an archetype, the actual 'journey' of the Fool: its descent from the supernal realm to its final residence in the material world?

For starters, why are there all of those fifth element (quintessence) symbols all over his/her garment. His staff is pointing toward the sun (an unusual white rather than yellow) from which he is walking away.
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Could you tell me the history of that particular symbol. Does it originate in the west as a signifier of Air, Aether, or Spirit. Is it something borrowed from the Buddhists by the 19th Century syncretists?

Does the fool follow the trajectory of his staff directly into the abyss, or does he veer off into Hochma?

Happy Christmas!

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