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Phantasmagoric Bedtime Stories

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Little Baron 
Phantasmagoric Bedtime Stories

Ok, this is where you all think I have gone bananas, lost the plot, have abandoned all sanity...

I was just looking at the last thread I posted on Donald and the 8 cards that have already been drawn in these posts. I also looked at Freesiaskyes entry, describing her day, the winking women and the little train she got from Tom Tom's garden centre - it made me smile and I loved the embroided cushion poem, Freesiaskye; that was beautiful.

With all of this in mind, I wondered how our first eight cards would fit together in a story format. From your posts, I have learnt so much about these endearing characters and I thought that maybe a 'Phantasmagoric Theater Bedtime Story' might by the best way to sum up what we have learnt about them and have a little fun with the exercise to.

I reshuffled the eight and this became the new order -

1 Donald, the King of Coins
2 The Three of Cups
3 Tom Tom, the Knight of Swords
4 Ryan, the Seven of Coins
5 Finger Pin and the Eight of Wands
6 Hasan, the Magician
7 Howie, the Knight of Cups
8 Axle, the blob, and the Ten of Wands

How do they thread together in this order to make a story?
Do they interact with each other?
Are you part of the story?
How do they speak? For example, I imagine Donald to have a stern and deep voice and Tom Tom to have a high-pitched shreil or giggle. The little Bald Tufties, in my opinion, don't even speak English but just make little noises, murmers and gurgles.
What is the outcome of this story?

This may seem a little juvenille and you are probably thinking, 'Yes, Yaboot has finally sold his mind to the Lunatic in the 6 of Swords'. Well, what the heck! Just thought it might be a bit of fun.

Look forward to your bedtime epics.

Best wishes

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darwinia  darwinia is offline
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<<I also looked at Freesiaskyes entry, describing her day, the winking women and the little train she got from Tom Tom's garden centre>>

Oh dear, the narrator was supposed to be Ryan, the guy on the 7 of Coins. I swear, I did not project anything of myself on this card, honestly.

Well, I do have a picture in a magazine of a redwork pillow done with the first two lines of the poem. But Ryan got the window box idea all by himself, honestly he did, and I suggested some plants he might enjoy, but HE wanted to paint the train on the box, it was entirely his idea.

I would never eat carrots with a cheese omelet either.
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