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Of course! I was thinking to return here a bit more often...
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Smile Is this group active?

I've been watching this thread for a while now and it doesnt appear to be very active. I was wondering if there was anyone willing to study the Robin Wood Tarot with me. I have been a student for 6 1/2 years now and I am going through my deck again to gain a stronger relationship with my cards. I will be willing to post my thoughts and comments... etc. I can start a weekly study on a new thread, etc. If anyone is interested please let me know. If not I will just post them here.
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Hi Shackles,

A list of the cards covered so far can be found in the first post of this thread. The list is one of links so that you can go straight to the card you need.

If you want to continue the study group could you please start a new thread for each card and let Moonbow* or myself know by PM so we can add your thread to the index post?


Sulis - co-moderator - Tarot Study Groups
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Cool Please count me in as well.

I am so incredibly symbolism challenged, I can't imagine having anything to offer other than a sense of humor, but I would like to join as well. I have had this deck for a long time, but never used it because I was told I should learn using the R/W deck. That doesn't seem to be working; I like this deck better and would appreciate the opportunity to study it in depth with others.
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Star Child 
Robin Wood study group


I recently acquired a set of Robin Wood Tarot cards, and I am currently working on learning them. Right now I am trying to journal my impressions/thoughs/feelings of each card individually. It is tedious work, but is really helping me "get" this wonderful deck of cards.

Is this study group still active? I could benefit from bouncing ideas of other people. I tend to start things with a BANG, and then peeter out towards the end, so being part of a group would really help. I really want to get through this whole deck, so I can start doing readings.
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Don't be affraid to post! I often read the new posts here.
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I too would love to join the study group. I have been drawn to the Robin Wood Tarot for quite a while now and finally bought them during a trip to London in a shop called Mysteries.

I love these cards

kazlin x
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New Member

My main reading deck is Robin Wood's. It was recommended by a person who read for me over a year ago. I'd love to be part of this study group and will delve into reading past posts. Thanks!
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i'd love to join this group! it was my first deck and I wanna know it inside and out How does it work though? I never joined a study group do we have to be accepted??
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Thanks to SpinningSpider, I found this group! I hope to be able to join and study too. I've been studying on my own for about a year, but it doesn't hurt to bounce ideas off of others.

Thank you again SpinningSpider, I'm glad you mentioned it in your introductory post!



Oh yeah, I'd like to join this group too!
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