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Thank you everyone
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You're welcome, conurelover - thanks for being a part of the community too.
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A year here in the AT community has changed me for the better as a person. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to take part, even for a short while. It was a privilege not an entitlement. Thank you to Solandia and the Mods and everyone who had a hand in running it. Best wishes for the future ✌
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Kat Moon 
Saying Goodbye

Alrighty my lovely friends. I am getting ready to sign off of AT for the last time. <sigh> This has been such a lovely home for me for the last three years. I have truly loved being here. And you all are amazing. You have seen me through great days and you have helped picked me up in some hard days. Thank you all so much for all your wonderful insight and friendship. While I will miss this forum. I am so excited about what the future holds.

If you wish to keep in touch please follow me here:

Lots of love and am wishing you all the very best with what is coming next in your journeys
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just joined place looks nice and friendly
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I've signed up also. I'm starting to get active. lol

Thanks for making a new forum home for the "forum homeless" LOL

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Marcus R 

Solandia and the mods, thank you.
Members all, well known multi posters whose word we hung upon, thank you.
All we lesser mortals contemplating the wonder of Tarot, thank you.
I am proud and humbled that this forum began in Australia and extended to encompass the world, a world of knowledge and wisdom, compassion, humour and just plain talking.
Through this site Tarot became no longer just a party trick but an artful science. The people here showed me that the esoteric knowledge of Tarot was needful and vastly useful in our modern day, where we still look for the ultimate answer to why are we here.

I don't need Tarot to think this way, but meditation upon a spread with this question in mind makes the brain leap, down into the earth and up into the stars, forward and backward in time. My mind bends and reels.

Now we are scattered, yet I am hopeful, our collective knowledge is spreading and growing.

Good luck and sweet dreams all.
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Originally Posted by nisaba View Post
.... It's well overdue.

Solandia, it's easy for us to judge, and to feel deserted by you. But who knows what's going on in your life? I certainly don't. This is a major decision, and for sure you didn't launch into it overnight: you have your reasons, and I for one certainly hope they are not tragic or threatening reasons - but again, that is your private business and I really don't need to know.

You have given us nearly two decades of the warmest, most interesting long-distance community that I've ever been a part of. As a result of your single-handed efforts, I now have friendships that I will keep for the rest of my life.

Yes, you have collected some coin from the forum - but the blood, sweat and tears (not to mention the maintenance and software costs and the hours you've put in) means that it has been entirely a labour of love.

Sometimes love ends.

Or becomes too demanding on us poor, weak humans.

I, for one, suspect that even given a hypothetically huge financial base and given the strength of my love for Tarot, I wouldn't have maintained the forum as long as you have.

Well done.

There are people who will be grateful to you for decades into the future. And any time I head north across the border into Maroon Country, I'll be stalking you ... <grin>
Yes... to be perfectly honest, people's judging was giving me the hurrumphs ... I had to bite my tongue and understand that many feel they've lost their 'home', but all I feel is gratitude to Solandia, and a welling up in my heart that all things good come to her... I've said it to Solandia personally (well, via PM ), and I'll say it again! Thank you for expending so much energy in creating and maintaining a safe, educational and friendly space for so many for so long!

You're a wonder, Solandia! Travel Safe and be happy.


((((((( hug )))))))
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Just Wanted To Let You All Know

I didn't post much on AT even though I've been a member on here for 13 years, but I wanted to say how much I loved reading all of your posts, the tears, laughter, pain & joy I felt with all of you and joined in too. I prayed when prayers were asked for, I received prayers and support when I asked for them after losing my beloved cat of 22 years. I really loved this community, and our loving collective spirit, and I am so glad to see so many of you on the other forums so we can continue to support one another in a new forum. We all started out as buds and have now bloomed into wonderful flowers, throwing off our petals in readiness for what a new garden will bring, leaving our thoughts, readings and sometimes crazy chats for the buds as yet unopened and just starting on their journey, goodbye to you all my flowers of AT, may we meet again as some of us already have in our new garden. Tarotlova xxx
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Beautifully said tarotlova! We are already beginning to work on forming new communities. It remains to be seen how much we end up gravitating back to one another - as I'm sure we will eventually.
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