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Join Date: 04 Jul 2003
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Couldn't agree more. Thank you for all you've done Solandia. Wishing you all the very best for your future. 💜
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Join Date: 13 Oct 2005
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this be my finale goodbye

Well, just my last post, and no thread about it.

Thank you, wonderful denizens of Aeclectic, for being part of my life. I've learned much, digging into history and symbolism, and have opened my mind to other worldviews. Your kindness and humour have warmed my heart. I love this place and its people.

Travel safe, dear friends
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Romantic Fool
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Thank you Solandia from me as well; you have done an almost magical work throughout the years with unrelenting dedication and ❤️ and I think that everyone has felt it; work that's hard to be repeated or duplicated; I wish you a specially fruitful life filled with joy and love, and may all your dreams come true.

I thank goodness that I was part of this forum for as long as I was.
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Not a million miles away
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Location: Cheshire, England
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Yes, it's been a great forum to have fun and learn on, many thanks .
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From me as well, Solandia...congratulations, kudos, and thanks. My time here was crucial in my development as a person. I wish you nothing but the very greatest success and happiness in whatever comes next for you.
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Location: Northern California
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Although I haven't been active for quite some time, it is still quite a shock to hear AT is closing. Many hours were spent here, and it really did change me. I want to thank Solandia for her years of service to the tarot community--you've made a difference in thousands of peoples lives, no doubt. The universe will find another way to provide...

Take care all <3
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Join Date: 30 Apr 2013
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
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Thumbs up Thank you Solandia and to All

(Didn't see a thread like this...)

Thank you Solandia for creating this forum where people like me could learn so much. I will especially miss the specialty sections you have on the history of Tarot and there subforums on Lenormand, Oracle's, etc.

I want to thank everyone else in the forum too because you have all taught me so much on Aeclectic area of subjects!

Take care all!
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Join Date: 30 Apr 2013
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
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.....thank you also to the users that ran the Deck of the Month and put up with me in that old activity.
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Join Date: 24 Feb 2012
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I just found out the closing news yesterday. i am shocked and sorrowful ! This has been a home and family
to me for a long time now . many sleepless nights i found friends and consolation here. i was just setting up internet service again, jumping back on here my first priority. so informative, great forum. mos great, sure ran a tight ship. i met so many kind, helpful, friends here. this is awful news!!!like the sudden death of a close friend. many friends. i am going to go on the forums others suggested . but, this purple place i will hold dear in my heart forver . please talk to me people! Post anything! Blessings to all of you on this journey !
Does anyone know how minderwiz is? He was so kind to me and generous in his readings!
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Forum Admin
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You're welcome, everyone. Thank you for all the beautiful thoughts and messages, and for being here and making this place what it is.

~ Kate
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