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Study Group: The Fairytale Tarot

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Join Date: 03 Aug 2006
Location: London
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The end of the month is good for me.
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Join Date: 09 Mar 2002
Location: California, USA
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The end of the month works for me, too.
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Join Date: 07 Aug 2001
Location: Sweden
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Me too.
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Join Date: 06 Nov 2005
Location: NRW, Germany
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Great, then I'll start a thread in the Reading Circle section at the end of the month. I'll send you a PM to let you know when I've done so.

See you soon !
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Join Date: 28 Apr 2006
Location: Queensland, Australia
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I received this deck for christmas and would love to participate in the study group.

I have started reading the fairytales and am amazed at how they relate to the cards.

I notice though that there is only a discussion on a couple of the cards so I would love to start a new thread on one in particular and maybe more as I continue on with the book.

I really love this deck!
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ArwenNightstar  ArwenNightstar is offline
Join Date: 17 May 2003
Location: New Mexico, USA
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I so meant to participate and be active. I have just a TON of excuses, but that's all they are.. excuses.

I'm back and would love to get back in the game!
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Join Date: 02 Apr 2007
Location: somewhere in europe...
Posts: 91
Smile Hello everyone!


I'm new to the Forum and was overjoyed to find that there's a study group on my favourite deck- the Fairytale Tarot!

I've noticed that there are threads on only a few of the major arcana, would it be okay with everyone already involved in this group if I started a new thread about the minor cards?

Or perhaps if I started a thread about any card (except obviously the ones already covered) without sticking to a particular sequence? I'm especially drawn to the court cards of this deck, although being far from a court card expert (I am in fact still a newbie- studying the tarot only for the past 6 months).

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts
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believer in magic
Join Date: 03 Feb 2002
Location: UK
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Hi Marablu,

Welcome to Tarot Study Groups - I'm glad you've found us

Please do dive in and start threads on whichever card you like - nothing like some new perspectives to get a study group up and running again.

Please drop one of the study group moderators a quick PM when you have begun a new thread and we will add it to the index thread (if you PM us it prevents us from missing any new threads).

Have fun - I'm looking forward to reading your posts.
This is a deck that I have and really enjoy looking at but it's not really a reading deck for me.
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Join Date: 11 Mar 2007
Location: Sometime Anywhere
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Is anybody interested in reviving this one? I just got the deck and book and it's fascinating so far.
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Join Date: 27 Sep 2007
Location: Nightvale (Middleburg Hts, OH, USA)
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Queen of Disks 

Sign me up. I use this one for my daily one card draws, and it works scarily well. Also, it's easy for me to understand, because of its story format. I get lots of ideas off of all the details in the cards.
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