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If a person is intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant etc

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View Poll Results: Sun, moon or rising sign
Sun - Pisces 22 18.18%
Moon - Pisces 35 28.93%
Rising - Pisces 12 9.92%
Sun - Cancer 14 11.57%
Moon - Cancer 22 18.18%
Rising - Cancer 13 10.74%
Sun - Scorpio 14 11.57%
Moon - Scorpio 21 17.36%
Rising - Scorpio 25 20.66%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 121. You may not vote on this poll

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PisceanRedhead  PisceanRedhead is offline
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Originally Posted by Shining_Moon
Thank goodness my daughter came before the full moon in feb which was also a total eclipse!
I was born on the day of a solar eclipse in February. My mother was in labor during the eclipse and I was born later that afternoon.

Please forgive me if this is a silly question (I'm a total newbie at this!) but how does being born during or on the day of a solar eclipse affect a person and/or their personality?
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RufusJ  RufusJ is offline
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Hmm, all I know is I'm a Taurus with both my moon and rising sign in Scorpio. Am I psychic? I don't know, probably. I see things, hear things, intuit things... but I don't look for psychic connections in everything I do. Sometimes it's as mundane as seeing an extra person in a crowd-- but I don't know that's what I've seen until later.

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For what it's worth...

Scorpio rising...

Neptune in Libra 12th House...

North Node in Aquarius 4th House trines Neptune in Libra 12th House by 1 degree...

Uranus in Cancer 9th House squares Neptune in Libra 12th House by 2 degrees, quincunxes North Node in Aquarius 4th House by 3 degrees, and trines Scorpio Ascendent by 3 degrees...

I'm clairaudient...
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The last in line
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Originally Posted by cheekyminx
Would their sun, moon or rising be in a water sign? So Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Im just curious as I've spoken to a few ppl who do have a planet in either sign. So am curious to know how many of you have a planet in one of those signs

My moon is in scorpio, my sisters moon is in Pisces.
Here's mine:

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio Ascendant in Aquarius Mercury Conjunct Ascendant Moon in the Ninth House

Venus Pisces in house 1 direct
Jupiter Scorpio end of house 8 retrograde
True Node Pisces in house 1 direct(what does that mean?)

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WalesWoman  WalesWoman is offline
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Well, according to this site Neptune in I

She is intuitive, sensitive. Not a fighter and is indecisive. May have some identity problems until she decides on a more spiritual or artistic path. May be psychic or simply strongly intuitive. Gentle and yielding.

All my watery planets are not in watery signs. So according to the poll, I should be intuitively as dense as a fence post... and not at all psychic, clairvoyant or anything... of which... I am pretty much NOT. Except for a few odd things here and there that happened, I figure I'm a lucky guesser for the most part.
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phoenixblu  phoenixblu is offline
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My rising and moon are both in saggitarius... sun in gemini!
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hm hm! I'm a Virgo with Aquarius ascendant and my moon in Scorpio. Should I be clairvoyant?
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cheekyminx  cheekyminx is offline
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Can't believe this thread is still alive and kicking
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I'm...moon in Aries, Rising is Sagittarius. Sun is Sagittarius too. Not intuitive/psychic at all, if your theory of water signs is right. A creature from a fiery hell instead :p
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FoolToThink  FoolToThink is offline
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What about stuff in the 12th house, like maybe Mercury in Pisces in the 12th house...I've got that (my sun is all that as well), and I swear I have psychic dreams and thoughts every once in a while (I remember them when I have them, I just don't know that they're predicting something until the thing happens).
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