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The Tarot symbols origin

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Wheel of Fortune

this is a short exlanation of the next Major (step) - the picture is available at

Step 7 - Dazhdbog (Wheel of Fortune). Consciousness of awakening. Swastika is a spiritual symbol, one of the main Slavic characters and has nothing to do with the political speculations. Great God, who lives (shines) in his divine Disc, is a single living Soul, rising above the horizon (plane) of the field. This is a god of the life-giving waters, both in heaven and in a human soul. Therefore Dazhdbog became the main god for people as a messenger to the gods, and an assistant. The future is still sleeping, the past is already asleep. There is only a present moment. That is shown by the disc - a chakra, which, like the Eye, instantly illuminates a human and purifies him from suffering. Here the past and future merge and become an eternal now. You can only change your future, make it better or worse. The movement of the Disc is provided by great Nagin. Disc is the eternal spiritual Sun within a human. Or radiant Wheel of the Law. Modern scholars of ancient religions are mistaken, explaining a winged Disc, which is the chakra, as a heavenly Sun. Disk is the source of invisible benefits within human soul - happiness, luck, blessing. Disk, like the heart, is a source of kindness and generosity. Chakra goes up when a human joins inside two halves of the soul. Wedding traditions of Slavs recreates the ancient ritual wedding of the first couple of gods (Perun and Mokosh) and was formed thousands of years ago by visionaries. Also, Thor was married to Sif, who had a golden hair. Thor protects Midgard - a world where people live. Initiation is the transfer of Knowledge. The conscious action awakens the disc-chakra inside a human. Disc is a vicious circle, which breaks the spell, evil and deceitful actions, as the shield of the the god of Light. The solar disk is the divine (independent) mind. The rise of the Disc is the awakening of the Mind, cogniting the Truth - it is a mean for attaining a liberation. Therefore, the Disc is a true armour of philosophers. Winged wheel is a disc which is rolling (spinning horizontally and going vertically upwards) on the inner sky.
Hors disc (similarity with English - horse) fills the soul with the light of mind like the internal sun, until it goes up and shows the hidden top. The fire of distinguishing like a razor's edge, helps a person to recognize the true self. Supreme God accepts only of his own kind - clever people, while stupid ones are forced to suffer again and again -by sending back to Earth for reincarnation. Only a perfect mind serves as a tool of understanding and leads to the top of Knowledge.
Magi honored Dazhdbog, who has scarlet swastika as a symbol. Scarlet swastika on a white disc is a savior on a white horse, who liberates from the burdens of worldly existence. This is a symbol of the benefits, wealth and prosperity. Also celestial coin, which was placed over his eyes of dead to cross to the other side of the river. Dazhdbog is the god of light and the life-giving waters, gives a higher power of insight and psychic forces to a person, that bring all other good things. Therefore, in the past at Rus territory shirts were often embroidered by red swastika as amulets. Four ends of the swastika are four Preserver of the World. Swastika - heavenly mill, destroying evil and guiding the destiny.
Dazhdbog - is infallible judge which punishes the evil in a human. Sparks of light which are cut out by Swastika are the rain of fire –the living water that cleans and grants a health, strength and a long life. Four ends of the swastika are titanic forces of nature which are pacified by Mind.
The rise of the disc is the process of individuation. It is a discernment process which cuts off false opinions of the field (the body) from the true Self, like a blade edge of the disc. It is a process of initiation - the heroic trial to leave a childhood and enter an adulthood. Through this ritual the connection to the Cosmic Law happened and responsibility for its preservation started.

India. In India, the marriage ritual is organised in front of swastika as a symbol of happiness and prosperity, spiritual and material blessings. Swastika is used in love magic, since encompasses the union of male and female beginnings and destruction of conflicts between them. Swastika destroys troubles. If you meditate on it, it clears the mind of a human. Indra is the god of thunder and rain, and his weapon is a throwing disc. Indra is always ready to help people, he is a generous donator.

Maya. Manik - deer. The symbol is a scorpion’s tail ending with a palm. Wearing hunted animal’s skin, to merge with its vitality. Cacao tree gave cocoa beans, which replaced the money. The ruler of the day is Tlaloc, the rain god. Hopi snake dance is a dance of rain. Four celestial snakes are guarding four directions. Four aspects of the one God is Heavenly Serpent (Kundalini). A noble force aimed at achieving the common weal. The first father has put Zodiac in motion, which is the last action in creation. Stars (sparks) came into motion.

Yoga. Udana - "breathing which goes up " is the rise of Kundalini and purification. Therefore, the swastika within the disk, as a symbol of awakening, is inside of an every human. A human wakes up and swastika fills the body with forces to live a new day.

Rune Gebo – gift, generosity. Connects people by united ties and creates the energy of two or more people. The equilibrium exchange of energy. Disclosure of a pristine magical power inside yourself. The gift of wisdom. Intoxicating bliss - the mead of poetry – is the magic fountain of life, created from Kvasir, which also reaches Įsgaršr. This is a connection of human and god. A harmony and unity of masculine and feminine, symbolizes betrothal. Ssacrificed from both sides (purified by spiritual fire) and harmonious love, leading to ecstasy (of bliss). Impeccable victim - bringing own "self" as a sacrifice to higher "Self" that leads to a mystical union, and the "ego" of a human merges with the divine consciousness, also known as higher Self. Disc is a Skķšblašnir ship, always having a fair wind and holding any number of soldiers (of Light). This ship was a symbol of Freya. The spring-well starts to fountain from the horse hoof hit. Therefore this rune was associated with Alsvina hoof.

Christianity. The sacrament of sacrifice is eating a bread (round cake) and (red) wine, which symbolize the body and blood of Jesus - chakra quenches thirst and nourishes the body.

So, each of us has own savior inside.
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i think it's cool that *all* peoples have archetypes. think it started there, and works for everyone because they are universal. numerology and astrology and religious beliefs and such followed, but archetypes are the meat of the trumps. ahh, brevity.
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Frater Benedict 

Originally Posted by Moonstranger View Post

Would anyone like to share the opinions about the origin of the Arcana Tarot symbols?
The origin of the Trumps is found in northern Italy in the 1440's. The symbolism on the Trumps are typical for Renaissance culture.
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