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Filigree Tarot by Teo Hoble - Work in Progress

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This is a very nice deck in the making. I'm glad you were asked about the pentacles as I was wondering too but your explanation does make sense of your choices.

I also do understand what Aunty Anthea means about the size of the disks, I'm also wondering if once the whole card was coloured they wouldn't be so 'intrusive' as they did jump out at first viewing and that was partly as they were coloured, but I found that I don't mind the size of them once I got used to them.
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Seeing this for the first time and I have to say I'm really impressed. I can see that an extraordinary amount of work has gone into creating the designs and I really appreciate the fresh interpretation you are bringing to some of the cards. The Empress, Emperor, Justice are a few of my favorites, Judgement--LOVE !! The Lovers and the World fall a little flat for me (in concept-not execution). I'll agree there is a cartoony aspect to the art, but I think the juxtaposition (yes I used that word) with the finely detailed backgrounds sets it apart.

The concept for the court cards is outstanding in my opinion, and I do see them as representing personality types rather than reading them as literal professions. I can see where the symbols on the courts are a little distracting at the moment, but I'm not sure if I would feel the same once they are colored completely.

I think the idea of making colored and non-colored versions available is terrific, or maybe a partially colored like the aces? Anyway, I love what you're doing, keep following your vision!
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Aunty Anthea 

Originally Posted by Fire View Post
Aunty Anthea: Feedback noted! I'll probably have to go back and correct those before outlining the rest of them - that way I've got less swirlies to correct in the already-outlined versions

And no, I don't want to add any text for now... I'm hoping all the little signals (the crowns, the colored jewelry and I'll have to come up with something for the Majors and pips as well) will be enough to not have to use text

Out of the decks I own, I find that the Black Cat tarot and the Ludy Lescot are confusing because of the lack of text. But the Mucha Tarot is very easy to read. So... Maybe with a bit of luck I'll be able to pull off "readable" rather than confuse people
I know I am a pain SORRY

I love your cards

Perhaps reduce the top bit by 33% if yoy think 50% is too much
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These cards are going to be lovely... I think the Empress card is sweet! You have really put a lot of work into this... Very fresh... I love it.
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