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4th house end of matter.

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4th house end of matter.

As 4th house pertains to the end of matter, so in regards to the query then this house is the final conclusion ?

So what about if the charts looking good, there's good aspects, reception etc but then 4th house lord is in a bad placement of sign/dignity etc......what would happen then ?

And also vice versa, what about if there are no applying aspects between significators, bad reception between then etc, BUT then 4th lord is very strongly placed in dignity and aspects one of the significators ?

Would then the outcome be a perfection ?

Or would 4th house end of matter be the 4th house from the house in question, so for a work query 4th house from 10th making it the 1st ?
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I'm very careful about using the fourth house for the end of the matter. I'll use it in law cases or arguments, in cases or sickness, of lost property or even in complex business transactions but otherwise I stear away from it.

It's best used when you are weighing a fair amount of testimony for and against something or when estimating how long the end of the matter will take, such as recovery after medication is given, or the condition of a lost object when it is found, or the judgement given in a court case.
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