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pisces having gemini baby.

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sammy.marie  sammy.marie is offline
Join Date: 01 Jan 2008
Location: Vermont, USA
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pisces having gemini baby.

i'll be giving birth to a gemini baby in the beginning of june.
i'm worried b.c i've never really gotten along with gems.
&& i'm afraid the relationship i have with my child won't be a good one.
can anyone tell me what a parent child relationship between a pisces mom and gemini baby (don't know the sex yet) will be?
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avalonian's Avatar
avalonian  avalonian is offline
Join Date: 28 Oct 2007
Location: A world of my own
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I can't speak for the mother/child relationship, but I'm a Gemini and my brother is a Pisces and we get on really well.

Although one is an air sign and one water, they are both mutable so can be really changeable, which in a lot of ways can be better than being of the same element. Opposites attract and all that.

Bear in mind that this particular Gemini is not just any Gemini it's your baby. Slightly different situation to any that you've experienced before.

Perhaps this little Gemini is coming in to your life so that you can learn to get on with Geminis? At least you will never be bored, it'll be like having six different children all rolled into one!
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Aulruna's Avatar
Aulruna  Aulruna is offline
Fugitive from the law of averages
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My Mom is a Pisces, as is my favourite uncle and surrogate Dad (they are twins ) and my gran who helped raise me. I'm a Gemini and I used to tell people I grew up in an aquarium

We are really close - and tell you what: I have 4 close female friends, two of them are Aquarians and two are Pisces... who both share my Mom's birthday (not the year though), March 6.

So, not to worry. Astrology is on your side
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franniee's Avatar
franniee  franniee is offline
Join Date: 24 Feb 2007
Location: new york, USA
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I agree with the other posters and besides you have no idea when the child will be born and where all the other personal planets will you really can't judge.

My younger sister is an aries and we do not see eye to eye in fact I have met many aries that I have not gotten along with but my husband is a sag with aries rising and we are cool and my daughter is a scorpio with aries rising and we are fine! Very close! Although right now she is gonna get a time out ! because she is driving me crazy!!!

But listen all moms and daughter share a very strong bond! Don't worry! You wil lalso have that great love.

but enjoy your rest now.... because in june all hell will break loose.

besides pisces is the opposite of virgo and virgo which is me BTW and gemini are both ruled by merc... you will be fine!
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leelee  leelee is offline
Join Date: 06 Jan 2008
Location: Vincentia, NSW, Australia
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I am a Gemini and my daughter is a Pisces...we have had some frustrating times and didn't seem to bond ( I attribute that more to having Post Natal Depression with her though) She is now about to hit her teens and we have a very close relationship.....we seem to be intune with each other and understand how each is feeling and what to do about it.....even though I felt I didn't know her when she was younger I would say that we are the closest out of my three children on a spiritual level..
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Bernice's Avatar
Bernice  Bernice is offline
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Pisces mother - Gemini child:

I have to go along with franniees, initial response. You have no idea of the birth moment (unless you've drawn up speculative charts), and so no idea of the planetry aspects between the charts of the new baby and yourself.

The one thing you WILL have in common is that both Sun signs are mutable, i.e. adaptable. Which means that as individuals you both will integrate all the other aspects of yourselves (emotions - intellect etc.) in a mutable way.

I have a strong gemini influence in my chart and my long-time friend(s) are either pisces-sun or have significant pisces configurations in their charts.
I'm a virgo-sun, mutable too

I strongly suggest that you don't base your ideas on the position of the new babys' sun-sign. Bet you'll end up loving it to bits.

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souljourney's Avatar
souljourney  souljourney is offline
Join Date: 29 Nov 2004
Location: Kansas City, USA
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I am a Gemini and have several Pisces friends, and Gemini friends and relatives.
While both signs are mutable they are in different ways. Not sure how to explain this really, but this is from my experience. I've observed Pisces seem to be more wishy-washy about decisions or they tell you what you want to hear and are really ignoring you. Geminis seem to be more flighty and quicker to make a decision even if not the right one. With you being the parent I'm thinking you'll need to work on keeping your boundries and rules and don't spend too much time deciding on a course of action or your little one will just go and make up their own mind and do what they want.
Hope that didn't sound preachy or anything...
As everyone else has stated it will really depend on the other planets and the aspecting.
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