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Mystical Cat Tarot - Ace of Sea (Cups)

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Mystical Cat Tarot - Ace of Sea (Cups)

The Ace of Sea shows a wire-wrapped piece of sea glass sitting on the seashore. The sea glass is aqua in color and has a squarish shape with eroded edges. There is a paw print covering most of its surface. Colorful beads of different shapes and small seashells ornate the wire.
A few other seashells lie on the shore close to the sea glass piece. The shore is covered with pale yellow sand and several small stones.
The tide comes close enough to barely touch the seaglass piece. The water is bright blue and some bubbly foam is visible at the end of the wave.

Color : Pastel feel

The author describes the cats of the Sea Clan as ''emotional, moody, deep and wise.'' As opposed to Fire Clan, they are very open to strangers and make good listeners if you need a welcoming ear. They also are the most in-tune with their higher self and the psychic realm. But they are not of the 'creepy' mysterious type ; they are honest and peaceful.
To summarize it, ''[t]he way of the Sea Cats is the way of love.''

Symbolism :

Sea glass : Like a piece of sea glass being shaped by the sea, we are ourselves being shaped by our emotions. Strong waves might erode the sea glass faster, the same as extreme emotions will have a deeper impact on our personal growth.
Sea glass is often considered a symbol of healing, regeneration and represent our Inner Self.

Aqua/turquoise color : Represents open communication and emotional healing.

Square in a circle : Symbolizes harmony between the spiritual and physical aspects of life.

Semi-transparency : We can see through the sea glass, but not clearly. Cats of the Sea Clan are honest and open to communication, but they will not necessarily blurt out everything that cross their mind. They will not share their 'deep self' to anybody so easily.

Jewelry ornaments : Relates to aesthetism, beauty and in this case, I would say leisure. Jewelry can sometimes be used for serious reasons, like as a display of authority and wealth or as spiritual objects. But here I get the feel of a child-made ornament, one you make for fun with colorful and pretty objects you found a bit everywhere. It looks like some Sea Clan cats took the most beautiful sea glass piece they had found and embellished it with their favorite beads and tiny seashells.
They wanted an emblem that would represent them well, deep and light-hearted at the same time.

Seashells : Symbolize emotions, the unconscious mind, peace and love. Because they come from the sea/ocean, they are commonly associated with the same things as the water element.

Sand dollar : Symbolizes internal strength and transformation/life shifts.

Beach/seashore : Meeting point between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Sea/ocean : Represents the subconscious mind and emotions.

Pastel colors : Associated with openness, peacefulness and relief.
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